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Install and set up Firebird ODBC Windows 7, 8 & 10 32 bit or 64 bit

Windows keyboard shortcuts (from Windows 7)

V.Foreword: Many Firebird applications require an ODBC connection. For me it was crucial that the Lazdatadesktop needs an ODBC connection to manage Firebird. An ODBC connection is quick and easy to set up.

Preface: Since most of the applications should run on both 64-bit and 32-bit, I decided on the Lazarus and Firebird installation in the 32-bit version on a Windows 7 Home Premium. A pleasant side effect is that Lazarus is at least currently (August 2011) more stable in the 32-bit version. When installing the 32-bit ODBC data connections for Firebird, there are a few things to consider with the 64-bit system! If you have never installed an ODBC driver, especially 32 bit, under Windows 7 and want to save time, please read the entire text before you start the installation! It took me a lot of time to gather this simple information!

In the meantime (2019) I only use 64 bit, whoever reads the instructions can very quickly create an ODBC connection to a Firebird database for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

F.For Windows XP fans (there should still be one, I know one ;-)) there are instructions for creating an ODB connection.

Download ODBC connection 64 bit for Firebird

D.The corresponding installations can be downloaded here:
Firebird ODBC File Repositories

Install ODBC connection 64 bit for Firebird

D.The installation is very simple: run the downloaded file

for 64 bit Firebird_ODBC_2.0.5.156_x64.exe (July 2019, 64 bit)
for 32 bit Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.156_Win32.exe (July 2019, 32 bit)

and answer all queries and selection options with "Yes" or "Yes" and "Next" or "Next". The 32-bit version of the ODBC driver is then installed.

Set up ODBC connection for Firebird

D.Setting up a 64 bit or 32 bit ODBC connection for Firebird under Windows 7 64 bit is actually also trivial. You just have to know that you have to call up the ODBC management in the emulation layer for 32 bit applications, "syswow64":

Hold down the Windows key and the "R" key. Then enter the following text in the "Run" dialog that appears under "Open" instead of "C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ odbcad32.exe"C: \ Windows \ system32 \ odbcad32.exe"(this is definitely the call of the 64-bit ODBC administration program!?!?!)

Hold down the Windows key and the "R" key. Then enter the following text under "Open" in the "Execute" dialog that appears "C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ odbcad32.exe"(this is the call of the 32-bit ODBC administration program)

S.At the top of the window you will see either "QDBC data source administrator" and then in brackets (32-bit) or (64-bit) for checking.

Kthen click on "Add"

W.Select in Firebird / Interbase® driver

D.Then click on "Finish". The administration window for ODBC connections appears.

B.For the following entries we assume that the Firebird server is installed on the local computer and that the database is on C: \ FDB \ Code-Orakel.fdb. In this example we enter the name "FIREBIRD DATENBANK64" for 64-bit or "FIREBIRD DATENBANK32" for 32-bit in the "Data Source Name" field. In the Database field, the server name is first entered and then the database is separated by a ":" (localhost :). If you now press "Ok", the ODBC connection to the database file "C: \ FDB \ Code-Orakel.fdb" is set up.

W.Furthermore, it may be necessary to enter the person authorized to access the database and the password in the "Database Account" and "Password" fields. By default, this is "SYSDBA" and "masterkey" for total access to the database in Firebird, and is case-sensitive.

S.You can test the ODBC connection by pressing or clicking the "Test connection" button. If the connection is working, a small window will appear with the message "Connection successfull".

D.The "FIREBIRD DATABASE" now appears in the ODBC data source administrator and can now be used for "C: \ FDB \ Code-Orakel.fdb". It is now available for 32 bit programs such as DBDesignerFork 1.5.

WHEN INSTALLING 32 BIT AND 64 BIT TOGETHER, PLEASE NOTE: When you call up the 32 or 64 bit administration, all entries always appear in both program windows. However, if you assign a 32 bit ODBC connection to a 64 bit application or a 64 bit ODBC connection to a 32 bit application, or a 32 bit connection in the 64 bit window, etc., then there are error messages and the connection does not work. For this reason, add "32" to "FIREBIRD DATENBANK" so that an overview is maintained. For reasons of backward compatibility, no other solution is currently possible.