When was Khaya Ngqula reborn?

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Prize question from September 20, 2002

The question was:

Did you know that the most influential stock on the Dow Jones is a mining stock?

And that this "mining stock" could probably soon herald the big crash on the Dow?

The answer you were looking for:

* Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company *or today's name * 3M COMPANY *(NYSE: MMM)

The winner with the correct answer posted first:

Posting # 1962 User * Shun *, "Minnesota Mining"


But there was still one correct answer, with which the price question was answered with all the trimmings, both names, the old and the new, were also given the correct reason for why this "mine share" was the trigger for the expected big crash on the Dow Jones.

That's why I decided to give away a consolation prize.

The consolation prize: A Thai dinner in one of the world-famous "No Hand Restaurants" in Bangkok wins:

Posting # 1971 User * ProfGoldhagen *

Congratulations too!

Please send these two users their delivery address to me by Board Mail, a PO Box address is sufficient. You will receive the vouchers by post in about 2 weeks.