What is discount edge

Postby martina4you »Fri May 21, 2004 6:28 pm

halo kent, i once read quendel, probably a type of thyme is stable and i found the following text on the internet: perennial, hardy, height: 10cm, width: 30cm Creeping mat-forming thyme. Likes to grow on chalky, loose soil. The flower color of the seedlings is between pink and magenta. Cut back after flowering for winter hardiness. Carmen's comment: I planted the Qendel on the terrace as a discount edge. It also looks great in the rock garden. So that it stays in good shape, I cut back with the lawn edging shears in the summer. Sometimes he can take the children running over him to get to the hedge hedges. This is one of the few plants where I cut out everything that has faded in autumn, because they only sprout beautifully in spring: I experimentally did not cut back a few plants for one winter. Those in particular did not drive out in the spring, so that my discount line had gaps. I then filled in the gaps with offshoots from the other plants, but it took until autumn until everything was completely overgrown again.