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How to convert a PDF to Word
Upload your PDF by dragging it into the storage box above and dropping it there or clicking into the box. Once your PDF has been converted to Word online, you can download the .doc file.
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Converting PDF to Word is difficult. That's why we work with Solid Documents, the provider of the best solution on the market, and offer the highest quality when converting PDF to Word.
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Seriously, our tool is laughably easy to convert PDF to Word. Try it. You will love it.
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We have a lot of servers in the cloud that do nothing but convert your PDF to a doc. So sit back with relish and let the servers do the work for you.

How to convert PDF to Word:

  1. Upload your file to our online PDF to Word converter.
  2. Smallpdf will start converting immediately.
  3. OCR is activated when you upload a scanned document.
  4. Wait for the converter to finish and download your Word file.
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