How to Make Goraka Paste

Garlic, Curry Leaves and Goraka Paste

If you look for a Sri Lankan recipe that lowers cholesterol or good for heart health, then you may have heard of this garlic, curry leaves and goraka paste.

Garlic and curry leaves are popular for its health benefits for lowering cholesterol. Gamboge or goraka is another ingredients that is used in most weight loss plans. Luckily, in Sri Lankan cuisines, these ingredients are used for most of the cooking. A dish like Fish Ambul Thiyal is mostly cooked with Goraka (Gamboge) while Garlic Kalu pol is one of the best ways to consume more garlic.

Other than usual Sri Lankan recipes with ingredients such as Goraka, garlic and curry leaves, here is one special paste which my mom makes. It is garlic, curry leaves and goraka paste. Although I am not a medical or healthcare advisor I want to share the recipe as a way of information. Please use with health professional advice in case if you use this for lowering cholesterol. However this is a known traditional recipe for lowering cholesterol, eating in moderation would be fine with advice from a doctor.

My mom usually eats this for controlling her cholesterol levels but I eat this as it adds some sour taste for my meal. In either way eating healthy food in moderation will not be an issue!

Here is how to make Garlic, curry leaves and Goraka paste

Recipe: Garlic Curry Leaves Goraka Paste


Handful of Goraka (gamboge)

9-10 cloves of garlic

6-7 sprigs of curry leaves

½ tspn black pepper


Wash gamboge, squeeze water and keep aside.

Remove skins of garlic. Wash and clean all ingredients before making the paste.

In a grinder or even using a grinding stone, grind all ingredients together as a paste.

Store in a dry container. (I usually keep inside the fridge)

This garlic, curry leaves and goraka paste is also a good condiment to add bit sour taste to your meal daily.

If you try garlic goraka and curry leaves and paste, let me know your thoughts as a comment.Here is how to make garlic and curry leaves chilli paste.Another healthy recipe!