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Define natural curls: care, styling & the best product for beautiful curls

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Natural curls are beautiful, be proud of them! If you want to define natural curls so that the hair structure comes into its own, you should rely on the right care and good styling. This is the only way to keep the curls nicely defined, shine stronger and feel soft and supple. You will now find out how you can strengthen natural curls and what you need to be able to define curls.

Table of contents

1. These are the 4 challenges with curly hair
2. Determine your curl type
3. With this tip, the hair becomes less tangled
4. Follow this tip after washing
5. You shouldn't do without this product
6. This styling tip provides extreme definition
7. The best brush for curls
8. Provide definition and volume with twists
9. Air dry or blow dry?

1. - These are the 4 challenges with curly hair

So many women want beautiful curls - and you have them! Genetics determine the hair structure we are born with. And although many women dream of curls, this hair structure also presents a few challenges. When you have curly hair, there are four main problems you struggle with:

1. Frizz: Protruding hairs and frizzy hair are typical for curls. The natural cuticle of the hair fiber is slightly roughened on curly strands. This makes your hair structure more prone to frizz.

2. Dull hair: Curls are generally a bit drier than straight hair. As a result, they lack shine and they can often appear dull.

3. Hair breakage: Because your curls are denser in moisture, the hair fiber breaks off faster. This can make it difficult to grow your hair longer.

4. Curls sag: Every woman with curly hair wants beautifully defined curls in which the individual curls fall particularly abruptly. Instead, we often struggle with strands that have little momentum. Incorrect care can cause the natural curl structure to be lost and the hair to look irregularly wavy.

The good news: You don't have to put up with these problems! With the right hair care routine, you can get rid of these beauty problems and get the curls you always wanted. Follow these tips to define your curls and make them shine.

2. Define natural curls - Determine your curl type

Do you want to define your curls? Only when the hair is well cared for does the curls develop bounce. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to hair care. When it comes to the right hair care for your curls, it is important to determine your curl type. Only then can you give your hair the care it needs.

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Natural curls are divided between types 2a and 4c.

Type 2a has only slight waves and implied curls. So this is the gentlest curl shape within these categories.

Each subsequent type has slightly stronger natural curls. Until we finally arrive at type 4c, which is characterized by very strong natural curls.

Of course, you can also choose between two types. It is important that you can roughly classify your hair type.

Still unsure which type of curl your hair belongs to? This video will help you assess your curl type:

In general, the more curled the hair, the more moisture it needs. Otherwise the dreaded natural curl, which none of us would like, threatens.

Even the right home remedies can help you to provide your curly mane with deep care. In this article, you will learn 12 simple recipes for homemade hair treatments that nourish your curls and protect them from moisture loss.

Treat your hair to one of these intensive masks if it currently feels very dry so that it becomes soft and supple again.

3. With this tip, the hair becomes less tangled

If the hair is still damp, you can define natural curls particularly well. Therefore, styling is recommended after shampooing.

Before jumping into the shower, you should carefully untangle your hair with your fingers.

In the shower you can comb out the remaining knots with a conditioner until you can easily slide a comb through your hair. Use a coarse-toothed comb like this one. It makes it easier to detangle and is gentle on your hair.

But be careful: Please do not use a conditioner that contains silicone. These are cheap chemical film formers that weigh down the hair and make it straggly. The curls then just hang limply and lose their bounce.

Not only that: Artificial silicones also seal your hair against any care ingredients. The hair becomes flat and drier. This can cause split ends and frizz.

Better to rely on natural care that defines, protects and cares for your curls. The better alternative to synthetic silicones are pure vegetable oils.

Insider tip sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is particularly recommended due to its high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are able to straighten even very stubborn and split ends and make them supple again.

As a 2013 study showed, sunflower oil is even more moisturizing than olive oil!

With sunflower oil you can comb through the lengths better and faster. They knot less and shine more. The contained vitamins E and A also help to regenerate the hair fiber.

The only downside to sunflower oil is the job. Finding the right dosage is difficult. You get too much quickly and your hair looks greasy. Rather, rely on a conditioner that contains sunflower oil. This makes the job a lot easier and you don't risk greasy hair.

The "Hans Glanz Conditioner" contains sunflower oil and does not contain any chemical silicones. Your tips and lengths shine more and feel velvety soft. And that after the very first use.

User Yvonne K. confirms: “My curls love this conditioner. My natural curls are finally really beautiful again! "

For more shine, wash your hair upside down with cold water at the end. This closes the cuticle of the hair fiber and the hair reflects the light much more strongly.

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4. Define natural curls: Follow this tip after washing

You want to strengthen your natural curls and should therefore be particularly careful with your hair. Under no circumstances rub your hair with a towel. This destroys the hair structure and promotes hair breakage.

After washing, it is better to use a microfiber towel and use it to squeeze out the water. Microfiber towels are especially better for curls because their smooth surface does not break the curl structure. Microfiber fabrics are much gentler on the hair than rough cotton. Why? You can find out in this article.

The extra absorbent microfiber bath towel from PEARL is very suitable.

After washing, you shouldn't comb your hair again. Otherwise you would comb out your curls - they would then just hang down flat.

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5. Strengthen natural curls: You shouldn't do without this product

Looking for the best product for beautiful curls? Opt for a nourishing leave-in conditioner that provides long-lasting moisture. Moisture is the key to strengthening natural curls - it cannot be said often enough.

Therefore, you should apply a good leave-in conditioner to your hair after washing. It coats the hair and makes it wonderfully supple, so that you have well-groomed tips even after air-drying.

As with the conditioner, the leave-in conditioner should not contain any silicone. However, it is not that easy to find a good leave-in conditioner that does not contain any harmful silicones. Silicones are cheap and are therefore often used as a substitute for vegetable oils.

This oil is suitable for natural curls

Pure sesame oil, for example, is a wonderful alternative without chemicals and questionable ingredients. The light oil protects the hair from harmful external influences. It adds moisture to the hair and creates a protective film that doesn't weigh down your curls. They look fuller and look nicely defined.

And you don't have to worry about frizz anymore: Sesame oil contains a whole range of active ingredients that help against protruding, frizzy hair. These include linoleic acid, lecithin, and choline. They nourish the hair in depth and smooth the hair structure.

In addition, vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin E help to regenerate the hair structure.

Our silicone-free "Spitzer Fritz Leave-in Conditioner" feels particularly light and nourishes your curls with sesame oil without weighing them down. Your curls gain elasticity and shine more. You can use the care on damp as well as dry hair.

Knead the curl conditioning agent into your hair with upward motions. Or you take individual strands of hair and twirl the strand around your finger. Follow the natural structure of your curls.

You will see a difference after the first application: The curls shine, feel soft and have a great curl.

Very important: Make sure that you switch all of your hair care and styling products to silicone-free. This is the only way to ensure that your hair really doesn't get any harmful ingredients that could dry it out.

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6. Best product for beautiful curls: this styling tip ensures extreme definition

Do you want real curls? Do you want the structure of your curls to come through 100%?

Then you need a solution that gives you even more definition. A nourishing hair gel comes into question here.

Take individual strands and work in the hair gel in batches. You do this with all the strands until you are ultimately rewarded for the work with voluminous, erratic curls.

The natural cosmetics brand Santé offers a vegan hair gel made from natural ingredients.

Attention! Important! Don't use too much hair gel on the highlights. Even a small amount on the fingertip is sufficient.

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7. The best brush for curls

One or the other may have heard of the Tangle Teezer. These are brushes that promise to be able to gently untangle any tangle on your head. In the wet and in the dry state.

Especially if your curl type is between 3a and 4c, the Tangle Teezer is a real revelation. Because then the hair is often difficult to comb and knots extremely quickly. A Tangle Teezer can help here and untangle your curls in an extremely short time.

In radiant salsa red you can get the Tangle Teezer especially for curly hair here.

The special thing about it: unlike conventional brushes, the bristles have no knobs and therefore do not tear your hair out. It tames even the wildest, frizzy curls, do you struggle with hair that tangles easily? A typical problem with curly hairs. In this article, you will learn insider tips that you can use to solve the problem.

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8. Provide definition and volume with twists

A simple and practical tip for defining natural curls is to twist your hair. To do this, your hair needs to be wet and untied. You divide your hair into sections again and twist them together into small dreadlocks.

That could take a while - but it's worth it!

Throw in your favorite series and start twisting your hair. Secure the pegs with a small clip or tie a hair tie around them.

When all the strands are twisted into small buns, let the whole thing air dry.

Once the hair is almost dry, set the look with some hairspray. Then all you have to do is remove all bobby pins or hair ties and open the pegs - voila! A loose, defined curls.

Please also make sure that the hairspray does not contain any silicones that weigh down your curls and make them brittle. This article will help you find out which is the best silicone-free hairspray.

You can see what the twisting technique looks like in practice in this video:

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9. Define curls: air-dry or blow-dry?

When it comes to curls, air drying is always the clear winner. Heat would only dry out the strands and make them frizzy.

Air drying keeps the hair structure healthy. This makes the curls fall much nicer and look more defined.

Don't always have time to air dry your hair?

If you are still in a hurry, you should use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. Philips has a Thermo Protext Iconic hairdryer with diffuser, which is wonderfully suitable for defined natural curls.

The hair is gently dried through the attachment. And what's more, the hair dryer doesn't blow everything into a mess - the diffuser knobs preserve the definition and structure of your curls.

Watch the following video to learn how to shape curls with a diffuser:

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As you can see, there are many different methods for each type of curl to define your own curls. Very important: No matter what type of curls you have, be aware of their beauty.

Even if curls sometimes need more care and styling tricks - so many women would give anything to have natural curls. Be proud of it!

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