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I've been all over the world for you guys, but I'm still discovering new places that amaze me. Now I've found what we all dream of: Caribbean sandy beaches and absolute solitude. There is no other tourist in sight far and wide, you are alone in paradise. On Little Corn Island inNicaragua this fantasy becomes a reality. And even if I would have loved to keep this secret to myself, I still can't bring myself to keep my latest discovery from you. Come along to my top tip for oneCaribbean vacation away from mass tourism!

This is Little Corn Island

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What makes Little Corn Island so special

The island is only 4 square kilometers. In a few hours you can walk all over it. There are no cars or other vehicles, no roads either, just a few isolated sidewalks. You won't find any action or party on Little Corn Island. What you get instead iscomplete rest and relaxation. Sounds boring? But it is not at all. After just a few hours in paradise, the clocks tick differently.

Caribbean vacation between dream and reality

You become one with the harmonious surroundings and can fully enjoy the unique panorama that is offered to you from your hammock: turquoise blue sea, white sandy beach as far as the eye can see and around you palm trees, coconuts and mangoes. Nowhere can you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the crowds of the Nicaraguan continent as well as on Little Corn Island. Once you have arrived in this state between reality and dream, you never want to leave here again!

Activities on Little Corn Island

You can already guess: Activity number 1 on Little Corn Island is clearly that Do nothing - just relax on the beach, sunbathe, sip a fresh coconut or bathe in the sea. It will never be uninteresting, because you just can't get enough of the surroundings! You don't have to have a guilty conscience either, because there is no extensive sightseeing program to be completed. You should only look at the lighthouse in the northwest of the island and, provided you are not afraid of heights, climb to see one great view of the whole island to catch.

The water is so clear that you have a good view of the perfectly while swimming intact underwater world have. But it is definitely worth changing your perspective and discovering them while diving or snorkeling. Here you will encounter sharks, dolphins, rays and many other exciting sea creatures. The best thing to do is ask them on site hospitable islanders who will then forward you to locals where you can book diving tours and day trips. Other activities available to you on Little Corn Island include kayaking, fishing, yoga and stand up paddling.

Arrival to Little Corn Island

A place that makes me rave like Little Corn Island must have a downside somewhere, right? In this case it is clearly the journey, which takes place in several stages. You can have a direct flight with one of these remote and exclusive travel destination but also really do not expect it. And with sufficient planning and the right tricks, the journey to Little Corn Island doesn't have to be as tedious and expensive as it might seem at first glance. The journey can be roughly divided into three stages:

  1. First stand up Flight to Managua at. For this you have to calculate at least 560 € and 17 hours. A stopover in the USA or Panama is inevitable for us Germans. It might even be worthwhile to extend your vacation for a short stay in Atlanta, Houston or Miami, right?
  2. From Managua we take a plane to Big Corn Island, the big sister of our destination, so to speak. This route is flown by the local airline La Costeña three times a day in small planes. Depending on what time you land, you may have to plan an overnight stay in Managua. The Flight to Big Corn Island costs you about 150 € and takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can pay for the tickets on site, but a reservation online in advance is advisable.

3. From Big Corn Island it goes last with the Ferry to Little Corn Island. That costs just under 5 €. You can choose between slower ferries or the faster panga boats. However, do not assume that departure plans will always be strictly adhered to, but rather inform yourself on site about your options on the respective day. Incidentally, most holidaymakers miss this last step - perhaps out of laziness, but perhaps out of ignorance - and stay on Big Corn Island, even though they dojust under 30 minutes from paradise separate.

The bottom line is that you have to assume that your trip will take at least one day, if not even longer, and that you will have to pay around € 715. But when you have finally arrived, you can do yourselves extensively recover from the stresses and strains of the journey!

Best places to stay on Little Corn Island

If you are looking for pure luxury, you can stay at the Yemaya Island Hideaway on the northern tip of the island. What makes this hotel so recommendable are not only the first-class rooms, but also the location right on the beach. Unlike many other vacation spots, you can really take that literally on Little Corn Island. From the breakfast table you can almost jump straight into the water. In addition, the hotel offers you a diverse leisure program and an in-house spa.

For the smaller budget, there is Little Corn Islandgreat private accommodation in different price ranges. I was particularly fond of this modernly furnished house with a sea view. It is located on the south of Little Corn Island, just a few minutes' walk from the nearest beach. Self-catering is not an obstacle at all with the many cute cafes and restaurants in the area that provide you with fresh food. This way you can quickly get into conversation with the friendly islanders.

Are you from Little Corn Island also as enthusiastic as me? If you get tingly feet at the thought of lonely beaches and crystal clear water, then I will not only help you with my tips, but also with concrete travel planning. Just provide me with one for free individual travel request.

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