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Silvia in America

It was planned for a long time and finally it became real, a Princeton Reunion at the 175th Oktoberfest !!

"It would be really cool if \" the best Siemens interns ever \ "and \" the best au pairs ever: D \ "could meet again in Munich and experience some German culture together! So lets get out our Dirndl and Lederhosn (if you have some), order a Maß beer (or two ..) and throw our first Princeton party in Germany! "

This was written on the event I created on Facebook 3 weeks ago. And after some phone calls, lots of messages on facebook we finally arranged to meet on the 24th Sept, at 14.30 at the train station in Munich. So I tried on my mum's Dirndl, pimped it a bit (made it a bit more Oktoberfest-like with more in-sight * g *) and took the train to Salzburg, where I met Laura and together we went to Munich with the Bayern-Ticket (29 euro together for 24 hrs). Soon we were surrounded by Lederhosen, Dirndl, beer and Pretzel, it was awesome! At the station we meet the "Hillsborough party crew" - now just "Regensburger": Basti, Michi and Tobi. Suddenly I heard "SILVIAAAAAAAAAA" and Conny came running towards me and non-stop crashing into me ^^. We didn´t see each other for 6 weeks and finally !!!

AT this point i have to mention that she called me some days ago after she also arrived in austria and i was totally surprised as my mum handed me the phone saying "conny is on the phone" - i think we didn't have a chance to talk properly for 6 weeks now! Soo much happened in between, i was at the west coast she was at the west coast, all the princeton stories that happened during these times. But i think the first minutes we just laughed the whole time, without any reason or joke - we were just both so happy to talk to each other again, to be on the phone like in america talking like every day at 8 in the morning. Then we were on the phone for at least 2 hours, the only short stop was caused by my home phone's lack of battery (it was too much for it ^^). First i didn´t know if we should talk english or german now, but as we both missed english we just talked english and it was wonderful! It is also hard to undestand the vorarlbergian dialect 😉… I really missed talking to someone that really understands what i am talking about, i mean about princeton stories, american life, life back in austria - difficulties! I couldn't wait to see conny at the oktoberfest and finally we met !!

But back to the oktoberfest: conny and i both had some vodka with us, so that we don´t get thirsty on the way to the tents conny mixed some (evil) drinks already for everybody.

Connys drinks are like "vodka and a lil 'bit of apple juice ^^. yeah the way was already soo much fun:

Yeah finally there !!!

Michi is trying out the "PissORT" (pissoir ????) 😀 (translation: PISSORT is "place to piss")

Tobi had a bike accident some days before and looked with the blue eye really like a drunk dangerous homeless ^^:

Conny and I got some nice decoration from some English people. On the left is Siv, who also joined the group, also Daniel and Ralf joined later ... and some others we didn´t know joined the group too ^^

Conny and me, crazy as always together:

Although Conny is shown with a beer at the last picture, she totally hates beer and looks like that after she took a sip ^^:

Actually we had to reserve a table weeks before but nobody thought of that. And we were a group of 10 people ... but we found a solution. Conny and I first walked around the tables and asked people if there are some seats free - of course they only saw the two of us and offered us two girls seats, and then the whole group showed up and squeezed in too ^^. Once conny and i walked back from the bathroom together and some people offered us to sit with them and we didn´t come back to our group for an hour ^^. They were all a bit older but a lot of fun 🙂 !! There we made this video:

This vid was made at the last table we could stay at, it was already quite late and people were standing, singing, clapping - Conny was already totally wasted ^^

Once Conny and I were hugging Michi so powerfully (we missed him for an hour !!) that our weight made him fall back and as he held us tight we were falling with him to the floor ^^ - actually we both landed on poor conny , but michi and i couldn't stop laughing until finally we realized that conny was totally suffering under us ^^.

At 11 the oktoberfest ends and at 12 the last train leaves for regensburg, where the guys are studying and living and where we would stay over. Somehow on the way to the train station i lost the whole entire group !! I had no idea where the station was and we had to hurry not to miss the last train! Some people i met on the way said they would take me there, but instead we ended up on a bridge looking at the train station (half a kilometer away), basti was calling in the meantime that the train leaves in 1 minutes, so i ran and ran and ran and surprisingly made it !! I was sooo happy to see the others again .. omg! In Regensburg we all had a little after-party and at about 5 we finally slept - until 11. It was a typical guys´ flat, with a nice picture on the bathroom door that conny and i really loooved:

Next day the guys gave us a guided tour through Regensburg, most impressive was the oldest Würstlstand in the world (about 1000 years old!). But actually i was so tired that i didn't stay with conny until saturday as actually planned but went home with laura with the bayern ticket in the evening. In the train from Salzburg to Wels i met a fun group of Oktoberfest visitors and they provided me with beer and lots of Pretzels which was really nice of them 🙂 !!

Here some great last pics of the group ... i will miss them so much again, we are just a great group! and we already all have a date for the next oktoberfest 😀 !!