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How do you drink cognac properly?

First of all, you pour around 25 ml into the swivel. You will then hold the cognac glass in your hand to heat it up slightly. The lower end should be brought to hand warmth for around ten minutes to release the aromas. Room temperature or a drinking temperature of around 21 ° C is ideal. It is not advisable to preheat the glass, as this will only bring out the alcohol notes more clearly.

Now comes the first step of tasting, nosing. Smell the spirit and get to know the fruity to floral or sweet to spicy aroma. This first impression of the bouquet is called "montant odors" in professional circles

By gently swirling the cognac around in the glass, you elicit all of its aromatic nuances. If you smell it again now, you will perceive new or slightly different scent notes.

Only now is the cognac really tasted. Take a small sip and let it roll slowly over your tongue and linger in the mouth to get to know the many flavors.

If you want to enjoy cognac in proper style, you should take enough time for this. Beginners can use the product information to find out more about the production process and the taste profile and thus obtain clues for the tasting.