Which poem has 16 lines about life

Poetry analysis for "New Love, New Life" by Goethe

The lyrical self has succumbed to love and thereby learns the dangers of being determined by others and of self-loss. Love has changed the life of the lyrical ego and it often thinks about leaving love behind, but it is so strong that the lyrical ego dances to the whistle of love over and over again.

In the first stanza of the poem, the lyrical self seems very irritated by love. The lyrical ego speaks with its heart and reproachfully asks what it is doing, since life has turned the lyrical ego upside down. In the second stanza the lyrical self describes the beauty of its beloved, but it is also ambivalent because it longs for self-determination that it does not have through love, but also for love.

In the third stanza, the lyric self describes the attraction of its loved ones as magical and thus supernatural. In the end, the lyrical ego submits to its situation, although the desire for freedom / self-determination remains. The poem has a total of three stanzas with eight verses each.

The first four verses of a stanza are always written in a cross rhyme and the other four in a pair of rhymes. The whole poem is written in a four-part, regular trochee. The heart of the lyric I is personified in the first stanza and ..... [Read full text]

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