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PTDONE direct debit: how to contact them to cancel everything - 4 things to know


1/4 - Is the PTDONE charge a credit card fraud?


'I see this charge on my account every month. I have no idea where it came from so I don't know how to stop it. 'Do you recognize yourself in this testimony? If you also identify a direct debit from PTDONE, it means that your bank card has been entered on a website. Why how ? Undoubtedly as part of a "trial offer of a service" purchase (some sites ask for bank details on the pretext of having to test their service for a few hours, days, or even prove your identity. Or majority (this is the case with dating Sites, clairvoyance, videos such as series or films).

Unless your credit card has gone missing (lost or stolen card) and a malicious person used it to register somewhere, there is a good chance that you are at the origin of this process and therefore this subscription for PTDONE.

With that in mind, we cannot consider it a scam in the sense that it is not a bank card theft / hacking.


2/4 - Where did the PTDONE card come from?


As described above, this card charge follows an internet subscription.

Our diagnosis: It appears that the CB PTDONE payout is the result of a recurring subscription. Don't you remember subscribing to an online service? Perhaps you didn't enter your bank details directly for a subscription, but rather as part of a trial offer like "3-day trial for a few euros". This type of commercial mechanic is widespread and aims to collect your banking information in order to subscribe to the service and withdraw money from you every month.

Namely: This direct debit occurs again and again. You need to complete the cancellation procedures to stop charging for the next few months.


3/4 - How do I stop PTDONE bank charges?


There are two ways to stop cash withdrawals from PTDONE and cancel a current subscription that was taken out against your will:

- 'I want to do all these steps myself': the solution (free)

  1. Find the website that is linked to these direct debits (= the website on which you submitted a test offer): On which website did you enter your bank card details?
  2. Once you've identified the site, connect to it (if you have a current subscription, you've created an account there in the past).
  3. Once logged in, the unsubscribe procedure can usually be found in the site settings (located in the "My Account" or "Membership" sections, depending on the site).

- "I don't want to go through the procedures alone and I prefer to have a professional handle the problem": You can contact a service provider such as Sos Internet to help you stop direct debits PTDONE:

    1. You take care of the identification of the company that is taking your money
    2. You carry out the termination procedure
    3. They'll send you a confirmation email once everything has stopped
    4. Their services are chargeable (and "effective or refunded" guarantees).


4/4 - Can I have my card canceled at my bank to stop PTDONE fees?


If you still have your bank card, it is very unlikely that it was a card hack. In this case, you have entered your bank details and validated the GTC (General Conditions of Sale) that informed you about a Possible subscription: blocking the card would therefore mean that you are not complying with a contract for which you have signed up. We therefore do not recommend blocking your credit card.

If it is card fraud, that is, if the card is physically lost and has been used by a third party, you can report it as lost to your banker. You can also open a scam file to try and get a refund (This point should be discussed directly with your bank advisor).

What is the law : In March 2018, the Court of Cassation accepted the culpable negligence of a customer who submitted his data to a fraudulent website. This is why a banker can refuse to block your card if you are the originator of the subscription.

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