What is opacification of ethmoid cells?

Sphenoid sinusitis and ethmoid cell inflammation

If the ethmoid cells or the sphenoid sinuses are regularly inflamed or the symptoms become chronic, the treating doctor may recommend an operation. The surgeon removes changes in the mucous membrane such as polyps in a minimally invasive procedure. These narrow the sinuses, which promotes constant inflammation.

Are ethmoid cells or sphenoid sinus infections dangerous?

In fact, the diseases should not be underestimated, as both sinuses are close to the brain, the eye socket and the optic nerve. If the inflammation spreads to these areas, ethmoid cell or sphenoid sinusitis can become dangerous. Impairment of eyesight or meningitis (meningitis) is then possible. If you suddenly have vision problems such as double vision, blurred vision or swelling of your eyelids, this is a medical emergency that needs to be treated as soon as possible.