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🇩🇪 - Set up instant notifications of incoming orders

Written by David Brahka
Updated over a week ago


Set up instant alerts for each department to be informed immediately about incoming orders. You can choose to notify internal team members or external employees.

How one

Quick Start Guide: Ecommerce> Manage> Set Up> Team & Alerts> Instant Alerts

  • Select the department for which you want to set up notifications for

  • Add the team members who belong to this department (team members must have been created first).

  • Set up email notifications, phone notifications, and SMS notifications

About team members

  • Under each department, you can register internal team members to receive instant email, phone and SMS notifications.

  • Only team members who have entered their phone numbers are available under "Instant alerts on the phone" and "Instant alerts via SMS to".

  • Each team member can unsubscribe or subscribe to additional notifications via their personal settings.

  • Your team can download the Blackbell Manage app to manage orders on the go. You could activate push notifications, which are also notified via push.

Via external employees

  • You can also register external people from your company to receive notifications about orders. However, you will not be given access to the platform to process these orders.


Team members must have been created first!