Breville Panini Grill Burger how long

As announced on facebook, today there is a recipe for gluten-free burgers !!! I had already mentioned that the maintenance work at Blogger from Thursday to Friday deleted all posted comments and entries. Especially a shame for the reader feedback Post - two or three long, very interesting comments were posted here at exactly that time. Hopefully the people who are affected will read this and may want to write a short message again!

But now to the burgers!
At the beginning of my gluten-free diet, I especially missed cheeseburgers immensely. No matter where and when you are, there is often a McD or BK nearby. After a while you get used to the fact that you only go to fast food chains in an emergency - and then only for french fries or a boring salad. The need for a gelatinous burger is far from satisfied.

As I already told you in 'Gluten-Free Eating in New York - Part 1', I went to Bloom's Deli in New York to eat gluten-free burgers. The juicy meat, the fresh ingredients, a gluten-free burger bun and the homemade fries couldn't have tasted better. The burger buns have always been my biggest problem so far - how do you replace the gluten-free ones?

Almost two months ago I got the following flash of inspiration -> die Paninior Ciabatta rollsare from Schär justbig enough for a decent piece of meat and, when lightly toasted, have the perfect consistency for the sauce, meat and the rest of the ingredients.

So after I found the solution to my 'gluten-free burger bun' question two months before New York, I had a direct comparison with my homemade mini burgers on site.
In all honesty, my homemade ones taste better! For me, slightly smaller portions are visually and tastefully more attractive in contrast to a huge 400g burger ... but that can be argued.

Since the last weekends the weather was perfect for the first barbecue parties, I was really keen to start the (gluten-free) barbecue season, with mini burgers of course!

RECIPE for gluten-free hamburgers / cheeseburgers:

Ingredients for 4 small mini burgers:

300g minced meat

1 egg yolk
1 shallot

Salt / pepper / parsley

gluten-free breading (here from Biaglut - bought in Italy because of the practical jar)
Lettuce leaves
Cheese -> for cheeseburgers
Mayonnaise / ketchup
French fries (gluten-free e.g. from aviko)


1. Preheat the oven for french fries and bake in time.

2. Prepare the ingredients: Wash the lettuce and put a few leaves to one side. Cut the tomato & pickles into slices.

3. Prepare the sauce: the fastest option is to mix the ketchup & mayonnaise 1: 1.

4. Lightly toast panini or ciabatta rolls.

5. Knead the minced meat with egg yolk, spices, finely chopped shallots and breading. Shape into small hamburgers and fry on both sides in plenty of oil in a pan or on the grill. For cheeseburgers: after turning, place the slice of cheese on top and let it melt.

6. Brush the inside of toasted rolls with sauce, stack lettuce, tomato meat & pickled cucumber & rolls on top of each other. Get the fries out of the oven & let's go!