1993 Honda Accord won't start when it's hot

»HONDA Accord CB3 no longer starts

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hello my cc7, ez.01.1995, 85kw no longer starts. Car went out when starting. Ignition spark present, distributor cap and fingers are ok, petrol pump also works but it just doesn't start anymore. Control unit has already been ...
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41928.08.2009, 07:11
SchaeferMichiHELP no longer jumps to accord 2.2l
Hello, so my accord doesn’t start anymore. I have a new control unit because my old one is broken. I installed a chip and now it doesn’t work anymore. now the new goes :( also no longer that he no longer jumps on the gasoline pump gives him ...
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resetter70 Honda crx eg2 no longer starts, nobody knows what to do next -.-
Good evening folks ... Well, I have the following problem .. And don't start my honda anymore .. Or rather, only sporadically when he feels like it, sometimes after 1 day sometimes after 2-3 days then not at all and so on ... So the first thing I did ...
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4.81505.08.2017, 23:24
fatih8989 Accord 1993 EX - only occasional dropouts at first, now it doesn't start anymore
Moin, I bought an old 1993 Accord (Coupe) in America. 4-speed automatic. At first - mostly on the autobahn - he sometimes didn't take the gas. He then jerked, even when going downhill without gas (so quasi engine power brakes). Have...
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NoisyI3oy Honda HR-V no longer starts!
Evening folks, our brand: Honda Model: HR-V Model variant: HR-V 4WD Mileage: 200320 km Power: 77 kW Fuel type: Petrol First registration: 6/1999 Engine code D16W1 / 2 no longer worked ... then new battery -new ...
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Honda screwdriverHonda CRX ED9 won't start anymore ...
Hello everyone ... I really need your help because my Ed9 no longer starts. For a short time now he's been running weird anyway. Sometimes it starts well and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it spits out white smoke and sometimes not after I start it. now for ...
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Ángelos.mHonda Civic EG3 no longer starts
Hi, my Eg3 doesn't start anymore ... on monday when I went to work, I had to stop briefly after about 20km. then i wanted to start again but the engine was off. At first I thought I let him rain down, but no he has to ...
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s2000Honda civic ej6 no longer starts
Hello I hope you know how to help me my honda civic ej6 doesn't start anymore since I removed the speedometer to change a lightbulb I also noticed that the indicator light of the alternator no longer lights up when ...
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bluesHonda Civic, Bj.97 no longer starts
Hello, I have had a problem since today! 1. I come home from work in the evening, have driven about 6km, engine is just warm, traffic light stop, engine off. Green traffic light, I start, nothing happens (as if I turn the ignition key into space), back and again, ...
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Hagen. 1972Honda Civic won't start anymore.
Hello everyone, I just ran out of my Honda while driving, as if someone had turned the ignition key. Then it did not answer anymore. I then installed a new ignition coil, but it still won't turn on. What else could it ...
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