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About us

Royex Technologies is a website and mobile app development company in Dubai that provides mobile app, web and design solutions for small, medium and large-scale companies. We have developed and successfully delivered more than 300 projects to date for our clients in Dubai, UAE and other Middle East countries.

At present we have three offices, our Office of Sales and Support in Dubai (at the moment, no development work is done in Dubai), and two other offices in India and Bangladesh that oversee design and development. We employ over 50 people across these three locations. By maintaining the minimum number of employees in Dubai, we can keep our costs and prices lower than our competitors. Even so, because our support team is in Dubai, our customers can enjoy face to face meetings and explain their vision clearly. This is how we provide great service with minimum cost. Moreover, our online support system can provide our clients with trackable support. To further streamline our customer support and client comfort, we also provide two years of completely free support for any bugs / errors.

Our excellent founding team of accomplished and highly skilled software architects, engineers and developers are determined to achieve solid growth in the web solution market.

If you have any projects or ideas, reach out to us. We will execute your goals and work to make you more agile, competitive, and profitable. We are located here in UAE and Dubai to help those in small, medium and large-scale industries grow and successfully run their own businesses.