How to win the Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge - a craft game

Do you want to moderate the Marshmallow Challenge yourself?

The Marshmallow Challenge is a playful game that stimulates creativity. This is where handicrafts take place: the participants quickly get into a "mode of experimentation". After the game, you should ask the most successful groups what their secret of success was. For groups that plan a lot, the tower often ends up collapsing because they underestimate the weight of the marshmallow. Often the groups build high towers, which initially only briefly make a plan and then try out many construction methods. Therefore, the game is often used as an educational game on the subject of agile working and early testing.

This is how the game works:

You play the Marshmallow Challenge in groups of four to five players. Each group receives 20 spaghetti, a meter of masking tape and a marshmallow. Then the groups have 18 minutes to use the materials to build a tower. In the end, the height of the marshmallow is measured for each tower and the tower with the highest marshmallow wins.

PS: buy enough marshmallows. This game is nibbled.



Plan, try out, build. Learn what works.

Do you want to moderate the Marhsmallow Challenge yourself?