How to flutter your tongue on saxophone notes

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... in the meantime I have already been able to get a little smarter via the WEB and relevant pages, actually this means a technique that works something like this: You press the reed very firmly against the mouthpiece with a lot of tongue and suck out the air at the same time the mouth. Then you pull the tongue away and create a clicking "plop" because the reed snaps back against the mouthpiece. So it's more like clicking your tongue - vacuum principle.

Somehow I have it, but it's not at all uncommon for you to practice on it for a few weeks or months.

There seems to be variants that produce more or less sound, I did something similar, but everything with a diaphragmatic kick and air pressure, opening the approach, which pops really loudly completely different ... (maybe there is a technical term for it) if I can "officially" do it, I'll set a sound sample ...

The master is David Murray, who also uses it very effectively on the bass clarinet and on the tenor.