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Dude, where is my car?

by Larissa Vassilian / March 8, 2011

Chester (Seann William Scott) and Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) are stoners. Like Beavis and Butthead, they sit stupid on their filthy couch. Don't know why they suddenly have a lodger who pees in their houseplants. Don't know why they have a fridge full of pudding. And above all, they don't know where their car is suddenly. And this car is - as the title suggests - the key to this absurd story. The two weirdos experienced the night of the night, and then forgot about them again due to a total blackout. The journey back to total intoxication begins: There's a super blonde tranny who ripped off money from the losers. There's something about a night club and a game palace. And the boys dusted off a Mercedes convertible and cool Adidas clothes that night too. But that's not all: there are the "horny snails", five supermodels in black overalls who promise the boys a "flute concert". And the crazy Swiss twins. And of course the space freaks of the gang around Zoltan, wrapped in suits made of cracking foil. Extraterrestrials. And in the middle of it all, the two American brothers from Erkan and Stefan. All right? Clear.


"That is where the thieves are with ours
Brains fled! "

In America, journalists were prevented from seeing the film in advance. And that's usually a sign of what to expect. This comedy could be called sick, absurd and completely stupid. In the beginning there was a gag. A good gag, admittedly. A couple of stoned guys want to order something at a drive-in counter. And are driven insane by a monotonous Chinese voice with repeated "and then" -s. This gag is actually what defines this film. It is built in again and again in various modifications. Sometimes with tattoos on the back, then with the lost car. The makers haven't staged much around it. Stupid sex jokes, tons of clich├ęs and a few stupid science fiction references are all you can expect from this film. In any case, the whole thing in no way comes close to teen films like "American Pie" or "Road Trip" (the last two strips with Seann William Scott) - also without level, but at least funny. Stupid more stupid the most stupid.