What is cardamom in Malay

Sensual and stimulating: the cardamom effect on mind and body

How is cardamom used in cooking?

The spice popular in Ayurvedic cuisine is a main component of Indian masalas. The digestive effects are very much appreciated in hot countries. Heat and a full stomach don't go well together. Masalas and curries are spice mixes, which are mixed for typical rice, potato and meat dishes in India.

Green cardamom, in combination with fennel and coriander, gives simple spicy rice a special touch. The popular Mango Lassie is also seasoned with it. Green cardamom is more expensive and is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Due to its smoky, sweetish-spicy aroma, black cardamom is only used in savory, hearty dishes of a meaty nature.

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