How secure is your password vsauce lut

With our test the Password security check

This application helps you to determine a password strength. After each entry, you will receive a visual notification of the password strength. The usual "bad habits" when choosing a password are thus exposed as soon as they are entered. Since there is no official formula for calculating the strength of a password, special formulas have been created here. This means that there is also no "x days until your password is cracked". It should also be noted that this is not a 100% reliable statement about the program Security of a password can, therefore, it should only be used as a complementary measure.

The method used here to calculate password security does not offer 100% protection against attackers, but it makes it more difficult to make passwords that you might want to use on the Internet a little more secure. A "secure password" is more than the sum of letters and special characters.

The data of your entered passwords are not transferred to our server, so we never see them.

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