What is a relocation supplement real estate

Anyone who changes their place of residence is not only busy with re-registering when moving, but also packing and unpacking and setting up the new apartment. But that is not the end of the job: the change of location has to be reported to many offices and service providers.

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Register the car

After moving, you don't just have to re-register at the residents' registration office at your new place of residence. In the meantime, vehicle owners can keep their old license plate, but they still have to re-register the car.

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Register second home

All those who move into an additional residence must register a second home. Whether taxes are incurred is not uniformly regulated nationwide and differs from city to city.

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Forwarding order

After the move, your mail should also arrive in the new mailbox. Here you can easily apply for your forwarding order with just a few clicks!

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Re-register electricity

If a move to a new property is imminent, the relevant consumer must also re-register the electricity. There are a few special features to consider here.

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Re-register telephone & DSL

Re-register telephone & DSL: After the move, the Internet and telephone connection should also be available quickly. Find out what is important here!

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Re-register gas

Re-register gas: After moving, it is not only mandatory to go to the residents' registration office. You can find out how to re-register your gas connection here!

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How much time do you have to re-register?

For some authorities, re-registration when moving means the time-consuming journey to the office. The first thing you should do after moving is to register with the residents' registration office in the new municipality or city. You are legally obliged to do so. As a rule, you can re-register in one, in some cities even two weeks after moving. When moving, this is not a very large window of time when the establishment and getting to know your new home are also pending. Nevertheless, the deadline for registering with the citizens 'office should be adhered to, otherwise there is a risk of a fine - although many citizens' offices are accommodating if the deadline is exceeded by just a few days or weeks.

This is how the address can be re-registered

It is not yet possible to change your address online; it is necessary to go to the authority in person. You must bring your identity card with you, otherwise you will have to visit the residents' registration office again. If you cannot register yourself, you can have the appointment held by a representative with a written power of attorney. The waiting times at the residents' registration office can be reduced if you make an appointment at the office in advance. In some cities - such as Berlin or Hamburg - you should make this appointment around two months before moving, as the appointments there are quickly booked out. De-registering your old place of residence is not necessary since the citizens' offices have compared their data online.

Which offices have to be visited after a change of residence?

It may be that in addition to the registration office, other authorities also need to re-register when moving. Example: the vehicle registration authority. If you have been able to keep your previous license plate number since January 2015 after moving, you still need to re-register. Do not forget the relevant documents: You should bring cash to pay the re-registration fees, the vehicle registration, proof of the general inspection, the insurance certificate and the SEPA direct debit mandate for vehicle tax. Dog owners and recipients of child benefit also have to go to the tax office, unemployment benefit recipients have to go to the employment office. Some municipalities are now simplifying the procedure: Here, with an official visit, it is possible to make an entry in the register of residents as well as to re-register the four-legged friend for the dog tax. The best way to find out more about the procedure in your city is on the websites of the authorities.

Re-register gas, electricity and telephone when moving

In addition to the residents' registration office, the gas and electricity suppliers are the most important addresses for deregistration and registration. You should contact both of them about two months before the move date, if possible, to clarify whether you can continue to be cared for at your new place of residence. If this is the case, the re-registration must be made in good time when moving, so that the electricity and gas supply at the new place of residence is possible at the familiar tariff. Don't forget to write down the gas, water and electricity meter readings in both the old and the new apartment. You should also contact the Internet and telephone provider a few weeks before the move. This not only speeds up the connection at the new place of residence; Depending on the network expansion in the new municipality, it may happen that your usual tariff is not available. Timely termination is important when changing provider to move.

Which changes should you make?

Many other service providers should also be informed about the change of address. When moving, a forwarding order takes away a lot of worries. The following small checklist can help you with the re-registration process - don't forget these institutions and companies:

  • Bank, insurance and health insurance
  • Cellular provider
  • Subscription providers, mail order companies and - if you are a BahnCard holder - Deutsche Bahn
  • Contribution service for broadcasting fees (formerly GEZ)
  • societies

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