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What should you watch out for with a body peeling?
It is more than obvious that a face needs to be cared for, cherished and creamed. It is your figurehead, attracts people or even repels them. The ravages of time are merciless here and manifest themselves in the most varied of age-related phenomena. You quickly twitch the anti-aging gel or the firming eye care. But what about your body? Hard trained muscles conjure up a flawless facade, but if you take a closer look, imperfections, ingrown chest hair and a dull complexion adorn your magnificent body. Your body also occasionally needs a pore-deep freshness treatment, which ensures a firm, smooth and healthy complexion.

Body peeling for men: fine tuning for the body

As beautiful as summer and winter may be, these seasons are just as exhausting for your skin. In summer the sun is stressful and your body is torn between sunburn and extreme dryness. Wearing thick coats and sweaters in winter shields your skin from light and air, which causes rough spots and unsightly pimples. High time to slip out of the old shell and put on a new, fresh skin dress. A body peeling, also known as a body scrub, sweeps away the dead skin cells and clears the pores free again. Ingrown body hair can be loosened more effectively and impurities can be visibly minimized. In addition, depending on the coarseness of the abrasive particles, a peeling stimulates the blood circulation on your skin surface and breathes it back into a healthy freshness. The theory is there, but what about in practice? We'll tell you what to look out for when peeling your body.

Body peeling for men: pimp your body!

Men like it to be quick, uncomplicated and effective. A body scrub satisfies exactly this male pragmatism because it delivers quick results. The coarser the better one may think - unfortunately not true! We at Beard and Shave advocate gentle, natural peelings with which even you can get your rough and robust shell back into your pores. Natural peelings irritate your skin surface much less, but the healing process is faster and the results are flawless.
With your body you can confidently fall back on the so-called mechanical peelings. These peelings usually consist of fine to coarse abrasive particles such as (organic) sugar, sea salt, ground apricot, peach and olive stones. The somewhat coarser rubbing bodies stimulate the skin's microcirculation and ensure gentle but solid abrasion. Insensitive guys can safely fall back on the somewhat coarser versions with sea salt and fruit pits. Microbeads made of e.g. jojoba wax are ideal for a very sensitive skin surface. Their rounded edges are particularly gentle and melt when they come into direct contact with the skin. Whether shower or cream peeling, nutrient-rich and rich natural oils as a nourishing additive during and after peeling ensure that your skin is constantly re-oiled. Herb - fresh scent notes stimulate the senses and skilfully round off the wellness quickie.

Body peeling for men: know how!

Which scale sweeper, whether coarse or ultra-fine, you ultimately decide on depends on your skin and its sensitivity. However, a body scrub does not replace your shower gel or your nourishing body lotion and should be used a maximum of twice a week. Gently massaged in, a good peeling optimizes your complexion and ensures a relaxing and pure shower feeling. Our cherry on your ice cream!
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