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The algae mask is a very popular cosmetic product. A basic distinction is made between the spirulina mask and the chlorella mask. Other algae are usually not used as a mask. Another product that is becoming more and more popular is the algae cream. Both spirulina cream and chlorella cream are now available here.

The main effect of algae on the skin is its anti-aging effect. Most often applied to the face, it can be used against pimples, tightening the skin, removing small wrinkles and providing the skin with the necessary nutrients. It is up to you whether you opt for the "peel off algae mask" or prefer to make the algae mask yourself. We will introduce both variants in this article. We also go into more detail about which ingredients we should buy for our algae mask in order to achieve the best results. We will also take a closer look at algae cream against cellulite and explain what to consider when buying algae cream.

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Algae mask for the face


The algae mask is mainly used for Tightening of the skin in the face and against pimples used. In addition, spirulina and chlorella supply the skin with important nutrients. The tightening effect is mainly due to the high protein content in the algae. The algae mask effect is therefore highly valued in cosmetics.


Make algae mask yourself



  • Cleanse your face and open your pores with warm water
  • Spread the algae mask evenly over the face
  • let it work for 20-30 minutes
  • Washing up
  • Feel and see the difference!

Up to twice a week repeat for the best effect! If you apply the mask in the evening before going to bed, the skin can recover particularly well over the night and there is a high probability that we can look forward to a visible effect the next morning.


Algae mask video on the effect and application


Buy Algae Mask

Instead of buying a ready-made algae mask, we recommend making it yourself, because we then know exactly which ingredients are contained in which quantity and can guarantee a very good quality. We recommend the spirulina maskOrganic spirulina to manufacture. This is very easy and effective with the instructions above.

If you still want to buy a finished algae mask, the following options are probably best served:


Peel Off: Litoráge

Currently the only peel-off algae mask. It contains Algin and calcium. Alginic acid is formed by brown algae and, like spirulina or chlorella, contributes to a more beautiful complexion. To use it, stir 7 g of the powder with approx. 20 g of lukewarm water and then apply it to the skin.


Moisturizing mask: Vilate Naturel

Vilate Naturel contains extracts from the Brown alga Pelvetia Canaliculata as well as extracts of Coastal chamomile. The algae mask effect is additionally attached by the Collagen improved.


Seaweed cream

Buy Seaweed Cream

Mainly will Seaweed cream against cellulite used. In most algae creams, the effective ingredient is the brown alga of the genusFucus Vesiculosus(Bladderwrack). Most of the products available are real not recommendable! They only contain minimal amounts of algae (often less than 0.5%), but are still sold very expensively as "algae cream". We would recommend the seaweed creams from Euspiron. These are enriched with up to 8% spirulina. Especially the Care creamand the Face creammake a very good impression on us. If you want to buy algae cream against cellulite, we unfortunately have to tell you that, according to our opinion and research, there is no algae cream that has been proven to reduce cellulite.


Myth: La Mer

Legend has it that the space physicist Max Huber wanted to invent a skin cream that heals burns and scars. The product of it is La Mer. Not the ingredients, but the biotechnological fermentation process should make the algae cream a 'little miracle' for skin care. Over the past few years, La Mer has grown in popularity and become the Trend cream in the luxury sector. We don't know to what extent the legend is true, but the algae cream is really one of the best moisturizers we have ever tried. Nevertheless, the cream is very expensive - 150 € for 30 ml (link to the official shop).


Spirularin Spirulina Cream

Spirularin is aSpirulina cream for herpes. The Spirulina Cream is now also available for foot and nail care. Notable ingredients of spirularin are spirulina, safflower oil, castor oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, fennel extract, beeswax, zinc, alcohol, vitamin E, soybean oil and vitamin C. The spirulina cream from Euspironeis in our opinion an equal, if not better, alternative.


Summary: Algae Mask & Algae Cream

The algae mask and the algae cream are equally popular products in the cosmetics world. We still believe that a self-made Spirulina algae mask probably the best price-performance ratio and also the best effect. If you still want to buy a ready-made algae mace, you will also find some pointers in the article. Admittedly, a peel-off algae mask to remove is very difficult to replicate at home. In our opinion, the algae cream sector is very busy and the products available tend to try to deceive consumers with advertising promises. The algae cream La Mer is still very effective, although it contains very little algae. Spirularin has been shown to be an effective remedy for herpes.

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