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Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) - psychedelically effective

by Ron / Tuesday, March 14, 2017 / Published in Medicinal Plants

Syrian rue: This medicinal plant was used as a psychoactive plant in the very early ages. In the Middle East, the rue is still very important as an incense. In addition, the Syrian rue is enjoying increasing popularity for the production of ayahuasca-like drinks.

In India, the seeds of this medicinal plant are considered a natural aphrodisiac and are widely used in folk medicine, especially in gynecology. The seeds of Peganum harmala are also used as an antidepressant.

Even with larger doses, it is assumed that the seeds can stimulate the imagination. It is often spoken of states that resemble a dream.

Peganum harmala is possibly an ancient medicinal plant known as the Haoma plant. This plant was one of the most important ritual plants in the Middle East. The effects of the rue let us put this primarily in the category of All arounders classify.

Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) at a glance

family: Zygophyllaceae (zygot family)


origin: The distribution area of ​​the Syrian rue stretches from the eastern Mediterranean region through northern India to Mongolai and Manchuria. It is common in Yemen and the Negev desert. Every now and then one can find specimens in Greece and Cyprus.

Habitat: desert-like conditions

Main active ingredient (s):Harman alkaloids, quinazoline alkaloids

Main effect:psychoactive, aphrodisiac, stimulating the imagination

Drug:Seeds, (very rarely leaves)

Legal position: There is no legal provision. Syrian rue seeds and the plant itself are legal in Germany.

Synonyms / volks. Surname

  • Aspand, Besasa (Plant of Bes), Churma
  • Gandaku, Haoma, Harmal, Harmale
  • Harmal herb, harmel, harmel herb
  • Harmel diamond, ermine, ermine diamond
  • Kisankur, Moly, Mountain rue, Pegano
  • Pegano, Peganon, Syrian rue, Syrian diamond

Peganum harmalaEffect & effects

The really effective plant components are the seeds. These have many effects on our nervous system. So you can, among other things depressions help to be imaginative and psychoactive as well dream-like states cause.

Since the rue has strong MAO-inhibiting effects, it is mainly used to intensify the effects of other smoking plants. The so-called MAO inhibition strengthens substances such as DMT and thus ensures that, for example, intoxication with psychoactive mushrooms, last significantly longer and are more intense.

It is also speculated that the smoke contains ß-carbolines, which is said to lead to an intensification of other smoked substances.

traditional / folk medical application

The traditional areas of application of the steppe rose seeds are mainly in the gynecological field. Incense is used especially in Indian culture to facilitate childbirth. They are also considered here as natural aphrodisiac and Asthma medication.

The incense from the seeds is also used to help women with severe uterine pain. The plant is also used to promote menstruation.

Skin ailments, Stomach complaints and heart problems can also be treated with infusions from the seeds in traditional medicine. Very strong decoctions can be except strong ones calming and sedating, but also have anti-anxiety effects.

Effect summarized

  • psychedelic, imaginative
  • MAOIs

Effect (folk) medical

  • aphrodisiac
  • natural lungwort (asthma)
  • Mestruiting funding
  • Birth and uterine pain
  • Skin conditions, tranquilizers

Active ingredients & ingredients Syrian rue

The seeds, but also the leaves and stems, contain the ß-carbolines harmalin, harmine and some related bases such as harmalol and harmidine.

It also contains the quinazoline alkaloids: Vasicin, Vasicinon, Pegalin, Tetrahydroharman and Deoxyvasicinon. The total alkaloid content of the seeds fluctuates widely and is somewhere between 2 and 6 percent.

Incidentally, stems and leaves contain a very good smelling essential oil. This oil has a relaxing effect on your muscles when you use it for massages. The herb also contains fatty acids and vitamin C.

  • essential oils
  • Vitamin C, fatty acids
  • Quinazoline alkaloids
  • Harmaline, harmine

The active ingredients of interest to psychonauts are mainly contained in the seeds of the rue.

Peganum harmalaPreparation and forms of consumption

A common form of cultural consumption is the use of the seeds as incense. In most cases, the smoke is inhaled when smoking.

Since the active ingredients contained are also intended to enhance the effect of other substances (for example cannabis indica), they are often also part of smoke mixtures. Of course, the dried seeds and sometimes the herb are smoked pure.

A paste made from the seeds and lemon juice is said to be particularly effective. The paste is mixed with tobacco and smoked at the end. It should be intoxicating and aphrodisiacEffects arise.

For internal use, the seeds can be swallowed together with water. Alternatively, cold or hot water extracts can be obtained from the seeds that are consumed.

Soaking in wine (Harmelwein) is also a common form of preparation. Sometimes the crushed seeds are also used as snuff powder. The seeds of the rue can also be found in a temperature from 100 - 150 ° C in your Vaporzier evaporate.



  • Mixtures of smoke, incense
  • Hot water infusion, cold water infusion
  • evaporate in the vaporizer
  • swallow whole seeds
  • Snuff powder of crushed seeds

Syrian rueto buy

Since the Syrian rue is legal in Germany, you can buy the plant or the seeds and extracts from the seeds in the well-known online and ethnobotanical shops.

Buy Syrian rue seeds at Azarius

Buy Syrian rue extract 10 x at Azarius

Dosage & warnings

Dosage indications are to be taken with extreme caution with this plant. Always remember that the plant is an MAOI and that it can have dire consequences if used incorrectly.

Already 0.2-0.3g of a 10x extract contain so much harmalin and harmin that the MAO activity is blocked for up to 6 hours.

5-10g of the whole seeds are often given as a dose for consumption with water. According to "ROTH et al", 4 mg per kg of the two active ingredients harmine and harmaline have a psychoactive effect on humans.

Warning notices

The Peganum Harmala plant is an MAO inhibitor. You should read up on MAOIs and MAOIs to prevent you from combining the wrong substances. If you combine the steppe ridge seeds with the wrong psychoactive substances or edibles, the effects can be fatal in the worst case.

Cultivation & propagation

The propagation and cultivation of the rue is not particularly easy. The necessary desert climate is very difficult to "reproduce". In Central Europe, cultivation is next to impossible.

However, if you have the climate on your side, cultivation is possible. So cultivation in Californians is quite easy. The seeds are laid out in moist potting soil and pressed down. The resulting seedlings are then repotted in suitable containers.

Appearance & appearance quilted diamond

Syrian rue seeds

This medicinal plant is a perennial and relatively tall perennial. The height is between 50 and 100 cm. The perennial is widely branched and has many tufted roots and many thin stems. The leaves are many-sided and opposite.

Seed cluster

The rue flowers consist of 5 petals and are white in color. The pistils of the flower are yellow in color. The flowers can be found at the end of the long stems.


Syrian rue fruit

The fruits of this plant
are round and take on a red color when they are ripe. There are many almost black triangular seeds in the fruit. The seeds can be up to 3mm long.

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