Where are Google Play books stored offline

Where does Google Play store its e-books on an Android device?

The Google Play Books Android application has the ability to leave an e-book on a device if the user so wishes. If you choose to do something like this, the eBook may be stored somewhere on the Android device. I want to know where the e-book is stored. I looked in and found only Aldiko eBooks (in the folder), not the Google Play eBooks.

Thank you for your answers.

PS: If it can help, I'll do this on an Archos G9 101 tablet.


I checked several sources for it. On Google's own help page it says:

In the Google Play Books app, books are automatically saved in the location with the most free space, whether it's your device or your SD card. This applies from the time the app was started for the first time. Once you've updated your app, your books will still be saved in the same place they were before the update.

Which is not very accurate. A discussion in the Archos forum shows a setting available in the app ( Settings> Location ). However, there you can only choose between internal and external storage. But the same thread and another one on XDA show the path as (that is the data directory of the apps in the internal storage), and the Archos forum thread mentions this as well, which could apply to the "external storage".

Since I don't use Google Books, you may be able to review and confirm these locations.

Note that "root powers" are required for access. Without that, you probably won't see anything in this place.

If you want to add books that you have downloaded to your computer, the books will be saved in:. When you are in the Have Disk folder, you will see some folders with names that contain code for this book. If you click on one of these folders, you will see 2 files: These are the book's title pages.

You can select "Enable PDF Upload". That way you can select all of your books and upload them to your Google account. That way, you can read from any device just by logging in. You can choose to display it offline.

This will reduce the amount of data required on your device.

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