How is Shirdi Ghat Road now i-20

Shiradi Ghat is Now open for All Vehicles from Nov 15 Thursday 2018

Nov 15, 2018 Shiradi Ghat stretch of national highway 75 is finally open for all vehicles. The road on Shiradi Ghat that had suffered landslides due to heavy rain within a few weeks since it was re-opened after remaining closed for repairs and widening for six months. Thereafter the administration had closed it for traffic on account rain and landslides. Later, it was opened for light vehicles. Now, safety measures like construction of barriers, traffic safety tapes, boards of instructions, cat eye, road humps, etc have been undertaken and the entire stretch is now ready for two-way traffic, it is learned.

As the Western Ghats began to receive torrential downpour since August 12 giving rise to landslides which posed danger to any kind of vehicular moment, the district administration had initially suspended vehicular traffic on shiradi ghat section till August 20. As the incidents of landslide continue to happen , the traffic was banned for an indefinite period thereafter.

Trucks carrying goods, which had no information about this ban, reached Gundya on August 13 where they were not allowed to move ahead. As such, the drivers and cleaners faced problems as they had no money or food.

Only VIP can use the road
However, people who have noted that all vehicles have now been barred from using Shiradi Ghat road, also say that vehicles of VIPs continue to flout the ban and move about routinely. They have criticized the concerned for this partiality. Many feel that the ghat road is fit for use by light vehicles but the district administration has been purposefully with holding permission to them.

Common Man is not allowed on this road
Devotees who want to visit Goddess Chowdeshwari shrine on Dakshina Kannada and Hassan districts border about five kilometers away from Gundya too are barred from going there at present.

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