What causes breast cancer to come back

Breast cancer recurring without metastasis

It is anything but easy to cope with the "locally limited" and deal with the existential fears and insecurities that go with it. Renewed cancer treatment can also be very stressful both physically and emotionally. Therefore, psycho-oncological treatment is also offered today with a good one. Psycho-oncologists are specially trained psychological, medical and / or socio-educational specialists who support patients and their relatives in coping with the disease, if they so wish.

In the hospital, it is mainly doctors and nurses who provide psycho-oncological support. This can be done in cooperation with psycho-oncological services. There are also psycho-oncological offers in the context of rehabilitation. Anyone who is (again) at home can take advantage of outpatient psycho-oncological services.

In the case of persistent fears or other negative feelings, various forms of psychotherapy are also among the supportive offers. Counseling or counseling is possible individually, together with the partner or in a group with other affected persons.

One way to relieve stress, cope with anxiety, and better cope with the effects of treatment is to learn relaxation techniques such as, or exercises to control awareness. Relaxation courses are often offered in rehabilitation clinics, but also in medical or psychotherapeutic practices. If they are prescribed by a doctor, the health insurance company will cover the costs.

In self-help groups, patients find contact with other women who know the feelings and practical problems associated with the disease from their own experience. Women with recurring breast cancer may already know this experience from their first illness: In a self-help group, it is possible to address topics that are often difficult to discuss with people who are not cancerous. That can be a great relief. Many women report that the solidarity and willingness to help in a group give them strength. Self-help groups often also make other offers, such as sports groups or help with social law issues.

A wide range of help and financial benefits are available for everyday life - these include, for example, sick pay and help with care, but also with household chores and childcare. There are numerous contact points that can provide advice and help with an application. Specialists can help with personal decisions as well as financial and social law issues. Individual advice - by phone or in person - is available at, for example