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Hello everybody

I bought a Logitech G29 and used it with the LS 15 for a few weeks without any problems.
I recently wanted to play again and then off we went : The buttons were already blinking like crazy in the menu and when I was in the game myself, the camera position immediately tilted backwards and I only saw the sky. In addition, the "Farmer" runs backwards without me being able to do anything about it. When I jumped into a vehicle (via the keyboard because the key assignment was different from usual (more detailed later)), the camera in the cabin view is also tilted upwards, i.e. towards the cabin roof. Thanks to DriveControl, the machines have at least stopped. When I switched to the outside view, the camera probably had a strong pull to the ground. She didn't want to leave there either. I couldn't look to the right or left either, because the camera always immediately returns to the strange floor position.
When I switched on a machine, it immediately went full throttle backwards. When I depressed the accelerator halfway, the machine stopped.
The entire key assignment on the steering wheel (already mentioned above) is completely different. I stopped the game pretty quickly because the risk was too high that the savegame would be over afterwards.
If anyone has an idea where this comes from and how to fix it, I would be happy

All software is up to date and I have downloaded the Logitech gaming software several times. I have mods, but they have harmonized with the G29 without any problems.
I hope I didn't spend the 400 € on garbage that doesn't work

Happy looking