How to flip the thps5 skater 360

Re: Unused Skater in THPS demo

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Comrade Snarky wrote:I was going through the binary for some game and there was a block of text like "fuck cunt ass" and so on and I was just like ".... well then." I think it might have been for save file names the game would disallow or something, looking back.

I bet it was the phantasy star online 1st_read.bin

Comrade Snarky wrote:Also, I think that these files are actually in the retail game too. I noticed among the textures that there were a few files named in a way that didn't fit with the rest and weren't any character in the game ..

Yes, these files are also found in the retail game.
I have tested swapping all of the .psx files.
The only unused skater is RASTA.PSX
The .psx files are either object textures used for different levels, or they are the actual levels used in game, or the actual skaters used in game.

Officer Dick is FATCOP.PSX
Private Carrera is SKATER.PSX

Each skater has an extra model for player 2.
For some reason Private Carrera has an extra model? (Player 1 & 2 and an extra model)

.KAT files are sound file archives
They are found on THPS1 and some of the demo disks (GENERATOR 1 and 2)

Off topic ... but, I finally made selfboots for both of those GENERATOR disks.
I need to upload them soon.

Do you know how the uploading works at isozone since they changed to cloudstore ?? let me know.