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Technical property management - what is it?

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Any management of rented condominiums also includes technical property management. In addition to general administration and commercial support, it is an integral part of the administration. Find out below which tasks the technical management of real estate includes and what else belongs to the management of rented apartments.

Large property management companies have a real estate technical department

It ensures the functionality of all technical systems of an object through regular checks. These include lifts, heating, sanitary facilities, communal antenna systems and much more.

  • The technical property management can, in consultation with the community of owners, have regular maintenance carried out. It has the authority to conclude maintenance contracts and to terminate them in the event of discrepancies.
  • The same applies to the delivery of heating oil and other operating materials.
  • If repairs and maintenance measures are necessary, the technical property management appoints qualified craftsmen, who are found by comparing price and performance.
  • The area of ​​responsibility includes the proper condition of traffic routes in or directly on the property, especially in wintry conditions. For this purpose, the technical property management or department concludes appropriate contracts with external service providers. In the event of inadequate performance, the administration will terminate the service providers concerned.
  • In order to maintain the traffic safety required on driveways and paths, the technical property manager must also keep an eye on the tree population and have individual trees removed if necessary.

Commercial and technical property management complement each other

In addition to the technical property management, the commercial aspect is of major importance for profitability. The commercial department of a property management company ensures the attractiveness of the property by constantly checking the rental price level. She also controls expenses and processes contracts with tenants.

The general housing administration monitors the agreements in the rental agreement for each apartment. Among other things, she can check whether the cosmetic repairs contained in the rental agreement have been carried out on time and properly. The technical manager of real estate, on the other hand, takes care of the maintenance of communal systems and devices.

Of course, property managers also have other tasks, for example all water tanks and pipes must be checked for Legionella every three years. The technical property management has the task of offering the auditors at least three access points or extraction points. However, the general property management will coordinate the appointment with the inspectors.
The landlord's certificate for the rental agreement, which has been mandatory for two years now, also falls under the property management department.

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