Lotka-Volterra model in Python, what is casting

Solving Lotka-Volterra Equations on Python

There are two main questions you are asking:

  1. Can I solve Lotka-Volterra problem using explicit Euler time stepping method? Answer: Probably, but you will need to take very small time steps. It is non-linear, it sometimes has chaotic behavior depending on the parameters. So the choice of $ \ Delta t $ will be important. I would probably use other time steppers, especially implicit and adaptive ones, but I guess this is either an assignment or you are trying to teach something to yourself. So I will entertain your next question.

  2. How do I implement this in python and plot it? Answer:

I suggest you to use something like numpy to make implementation easier. Here is a python code

This code can be improved a lot. For example, as is, it only solves Lotka-Volterra but explicit Euler solver can be generalized to solve other problems. It is assumed that there will be one pair of predator and prey, but it does not have to be. I will leave the rest to you. You can ask further questions and I will try to help but I think this should be a good start.

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