Black screen when playing flash games

Games don't start, black screen instead

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Screens go black in the middle of the game

Screens go black in the middle of the game: Hello, I've had the problem for a few weeks that my screens just go out and don't come on again. But that only happens when playing and not always. I looked around in the event viewer and found this: [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Can I ...

Windows 10 supportMarch 27, 2021

Black screen after start

Black screen after start: How do I solve the problem "Windows 10 black screen after startup"? I've tried everything Google finds without success. Continue reading...

Windows 10 support23 December 2020

black screen after start

black screen after start: Hello, for a short time after starting my screen, my screen has been black for several minutes. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix this. Avira Speedup reports the start time between 30 and 45 seconds. Maybe someone can help me. Continue reading...

Windows 10 supportMarch 15, 2020

Black screen after starting WhatsApp

Black screen after starting WhatsApp: Hello, I have WhatsApp web installed on my Windows 10 notebook. Until recently it worked without any problems. For some time now, the screen has been black after the start of WhatsApp web and nothing works anymore. I've uninstalled WhatsApp several times and again ...

Windows 10 general17th July 2018

Black screen during or after gaming

Black screen during or after gaming: Hi everyone, I have problems with all of my games. The problem occurs regularly in World of Warships, Crossout, Armored Warfare and other games in particular. Since the last Windows 10 Fall Creator Update and the subsequent NVIDIA Update, I have the following problem. I...

Windows 10 support19th January 2018

black screen on startup

black screen on startup: Share from this thread. I have the same problem, but only in one of the existing user accounts. Logically, msconfig cannot be started in the account with the black screen and the settings are appropriate in the other. The only thing I noticed is ...

Windows 10 supportJanuary 1, 2018

Screen is black after starting from energy saving mode.

Screen is black after starting from energy saving mode.: Hello, maybe someone has a solution to my problem. When my laptop goes into sleep mode, the screen goes black and the device turns off. If I want to turn the laptop back on, the laptop boots up, but the screen stays black. Do I press any key ...

Windows 10 supportDecember 16, 2017

Black screen when clicking on "Start"

Black screen when clicking on "Start": Hello everyone, I have the phenomenon that I get a black screen when I click on "Start - Windows Logo". However, you can exit the black screen with ESC and you will come back to the desktop normally. If you click on start again it can happen spordially that ...

Windows 10 supportDecember 21, 2015