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Roz Washington

Roz Washington



Coach, black Sue (Sue
American treasure Figgins)
Coach Becky Chocolate Cream Cake

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Synchronized swimming to disempower Figgins



Olympic bronze medal for individual Synchronized swimming
1st place in the cheerleading championships

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Roz Washington is the current coach of the William McKinley High School synchronized swimmer team and the Cheerios. She made her first appearance in the episode Will wants.

She is from NeNe leaks shown.


Season three

In Will wants she is introduced as a new character. She is introduced as the coach of the synchronized swimmer team at William McKinley High School. As Sam looks around the team, Vinny and Webber, members of the team, take him to see Roz. She says of herself that she won the bronze medal for individual synchronized swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She only has one big rule on her team: "If you pee in my pool, I'll kill you!". In addition, it later appears as if she loaned her pool to New Directions and Will.

In Spanish bloodShe is brought by Figgins to help the Cheerios because the Cheerios lost last year because SueBrittany wanted to shoot through a cannon. Sue doesn't like it at all, but she finds a new enemy in Roz. Roz makes fun of her because her choreographies are always the same and Sue is older than God. Most of all, Roz makes fun of it when she learns that Sue is pregnant. She plans to revive the Cheerios and bring in a new style.

In On the way she makes it clear to Sue that she wants to take over her job.

In In the brother's shadow Figgins gives her a permanent position as Cocaptain of the Cheerios and she continues to make fun of Sue having a baby. She says her baby will be her grandson, it will be an adult baby and hopes it will like sand because nothing else will come out of those breasts.

In At the end of all strength she hears a joke from Santana about Coach Beiste about her violet and says that she got it from Cooter. With Sue and Shannon, she confronts the girls and tells them about her aunt who was beaten by her husband. They give the girls the task of singing a song about power women who say to their men: "If you raise your hand against me, I'm gone!" to make them understand that the subject is not something to make fun of. After the girlsCell Block Tango have performed, Roz calls them "crazy" because they have completely misinterpreted the task. With Sue, she searches for Shannon, who fled the auditorium during the performance, and finds her in an empty classroom. She confesses that Cooter hit her and Roz wants to know why she didn't fight back because she could easily have hit him back. Shannon explains that she is not a violent person, and Sue and Roz want her to leave Cooter.

In And the winner is ...she is angry about the victory of New Directions, because Sue gets her job as director of the Cheerios back.

In Future ahead she congratulates Sue on her victory at the Nationals and her return as head of the Cheerios. She encourages Sue to work with her and see that Principal Figgins is celebrated for being an idiot. As she leaves the room, she makes a funny note about Sue's age and her baby.

Season four

In Sweet Dreams Roz Washington returns from training the North Korean swimmer team with Dennis Rodman to McKinley and wants to take over the Cheerios after Sue's release. She is skeptical of Blaine as he is a co-captain, despite the fact that he never attended any Cheerios training and believes he put a curse on Sue that led her to take a gun with her School and made it so clumsy that she dropped it, causing two shots to go off. When Becky says that he has nothing to do with it, Roz becomes suspicious of her and lets the two of them take an oral oath that a blood oath would be illegal and dangerous, stating that the two never put a curse on them that leaves her standing there stupid.

In light off you see her asking the Cheerios to have a rib removed, which Blaine worries. Becky wants Sue to come back because Roz is always mean to her and yells at her in a flashback, still believing that this is Sue's grown daughter. While Little girls she trains the Cheerios and later brings Becky to Figgins' office because she called her "Coach Chocolate Cream Cake". She demands that he do something about it and storms out of the room.

In About finding love Roz is in her office when there is a loud knock on the door. She yells for the person to come in, but when the knock continues, she opens the door and sees Brittany with a hammer in her hand. She says she is posting her 95 theses as to why she is leaving the Cheerios. Roz looks concerned as she starts reading the theses and then sees Brittany burn her cheerios uniform. She is upset and afraid for her hair, whereupon she extinguishes the fire.

Season five

In Love, love, love calls Sue, the new principal, Roz and Will into her office. Roz fears that Sue wants to fire her because she took over the Cheerios when Sue was released. She admits that there are a few things Sue could blame her for, such as using performance-enhancing drugs to get her bronze medal, forging a credit card, or stealing her car. In her office, however, Sue just tells them that she wants the Cheerios and New Directions to be successful and that she won't fire Roz and Will if they win the Nationals again.

The day after the ball, Roz drags in Tina in the Sky with DiamondsBree in Sue's office. She demands that Bree be punished for causing Tina to be doused with slushies on the ball. Sue instead promotes Bree to Headchearleader, praising her for finding a new way to terrorize the Glee Club. Roz is shocked and reminds her that last week she wanted New Directions to win the Nationals. Sue explains that New Directions were always best when they had an enemy at school.

In The city of angels she returns from the national cheerleading championships she won and presents Sue the trophy. She admits that she did not think that Roz would have what it takes to bring the Cheerios to the Nationals and even lead them to victory. Coach Washington tells Sue that this is not the only reason for success that Roz thinks is a little arrogant at this point, as she can only be so smug when she has won 16 more national championships. Her victory gives Roz permission to continue coaching the Cheerios and is allowed to leave. She pushes the trophy out of the office and tells Will, who is waiting in the anteroom for his appointment with Sue, that she will celebrate this summer in her hut in St. Tropez.

Season six

Roz is in Mashup together with Quinn, Sue and Tina in Sue's office and question Becky's friend Darrell. As usual, Roz confuses Becky with Sue's daughter Robin and is amazed when Sue tells her that they are not the same person. She is even more amazed when Sue continues that everyone close to her, including her sister, best friend Becky, and daughter Robin, has Down syndrome. Roz then listens to Darrell's interrogation.


She is a proven Olympian and wants to do everything possible to get rid of Figgins. She thinks he is completely incapable and is already planning how to fire him, for that she even wanted to work with Sue. She is often very fluid with Becky and yells at her.

She often makes fun of Sue and her age in connection with her baby. In addition, she thinks Sue is not able to lead the Cheerios because she always does the same choreographies and is often too late. She really wants her job, which she gets, because Figgins is very impressed with her even though she wants to get rid of it.


  • She had a threesome with Michael Phelps.
  • She ate pasta with the president.
  • She loves to joke about Sue and her baby.
  • She thinks she's a better coach than Sue.
  • Like Sue, she calls people by nicknames.
  • She calls herself a "child of the ghetto". (Sweet Dreams)
  • She won a bronze medal for individual synchronized swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.