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What is schnapps / schnapps? Definition:

How is the international term spelled correctly? Schnapps or schnapps? The Duden 'says': it is a noun, is masculine and is written like 'schnapps'. The term schnapps comes from the Low German language area of ​​snaps = sip and is now enjoying international popularity. We have all drunk clear schnapps before, but only about 30% of people want to enjoy it pure as a short or double. Schnapps is an alcohol that must always have more than 38% by volume.

From here you can read the schnapps info as a so-calledSchnapps ABC with all topics on schnapps worldwide:

Most popular schnapps and most popular spirits

Vodka is the most popular spirit worldwide and is drunk as a short schnapps. This is probably due to its digestibility, if it is well burned. The source of the numbers from here in this paragraph is from Statista. In 2020 there were around 0.4 million people in the population (German-speaking) aged 14 and over who consumed vodka several times a week.

In 2019, around 12.7 percent of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over drank herbal liqueur at least once a month. The most popular spirit in Germany is therefore herbal liqueur. Around 9.5 percent consumed semi-bitter spirits. Sherry was the least likely to be drunk more than once a month.

The exact ranking of the most popular spirits (Consumption at least once a month) in 2019 in Germany is as follows according to this list: Herbal liqueurs such as Jägermeister 12.7%, semi-bitters such as Averna 9.5%, vodka 9.1%, cream or cream liqueur 8.8%, bitters as digestif such as Underberg and Fernet 8.6%, fruit brandies 8.4 %, Whiskey 8.1%, aperitifs such as Martini and Campari, eggnog 7.4%, other sweet liqueurs such as amaretto 6.5%, ready-made mixed drinks such as alcopops such as Smirnoff Ice 6.4%, grain and double grain 6.1 % and fruity spirits such as apple grain.

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International forms of the term schnapps

Schnaps english: Spirits, Schnapps, Brandy, Real Schnaps, German Schnapps.

Is vodka schnapps?

Vodka is a schnapps because, as a clear brandy, it has over 38% alcohol by volume.

Clear schnapps

Clear schnapps are transparent brandies with no coloring such as genever, grain and vodka.

Small schnapps

Small schnapps are served in shot glasses with 2 CL (20 ml) or 4 CL (40ml) contents.

Schnapps and liqueurs

As a rule, liqueurs are made from fruit or herbal brandy. In contrast to the schnapps with 38% alcohol content, they only have up to 25% alcohol content.

Brandy alcohol content

Usually alcohol based on brandy is meant with approx. 38 volume%, but it can also be rum, etc. Schnapps is usually drunk from calibrated schnapps glasses.

Brandy types

The following are drunk as schnapps: Brandy, fruit brandies, grain brandies such as grain, whiskey and vodka, brandies made from tubers and roots, brandies made from sugar cane such as rum, brandies made from agave and palm wine, liqueurs such as Jägermeister and Campari, spirits with aniseed or caraway, bitter and spirits with juniper like gin.

Distill schnapps

Distilling schnapps is an art that must be practiced with the right know-how. Liquor distillers can use their own fruit from the garden, create their own recipes and experiment with different ingredients. Here you can find instructions on how to make schnapps.

Liquor spirits

You can find all information in the entry spirits.

Liquor synonyms

Alcohol, brandy (technical language) high-proof, clear; Colloquially: Fusel, hard gas, grain, Kurzer, water of life, fuel, throat cleaner, Schnabus (Berlin), fabric

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Booze songs

What helps against the hangover after drinking?

What really helps after drinking is fresh air and lots of exercise.

When drinking, you must be warned against high-sugar drinks (with carbon dioxide), because the alcohol passes into the blood even faster than usual because the gastric mucous membrane is supplied with more blood. So don't drink beer and schnapps on an empty stomach. For example, good German cuisine, e.g. with bratwurst and potato salad, is good against the negative effects of drinking, because the fat and the calories allow the alcohol to get into the blood more slowly.


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