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There are three types of security clearance, the simple security clearance & lpar; SÜ 1 & rpar ;, the advanced
Security check & lpar; SÜ 2 & rpar; and the extended security check with security determination & lpar; SÜ 3 & rpar ;. The respective type of check to be carried out depends on the security sensitivity
the activity that the person concerned should perform. It basically depends on the level of secrecy of the classified information to which access is to be granted or to which access is obtained
can be.

The security check is carried out by the security officer / security agent with the assistance of the constitution protection authority, the necessary inquiries and investigations
performs. All security reviews are usually updated after five years, and if necessary, as well as for SÜ 2 and SÜ 3, a review is regularly carried out after ten years
carried out.
The basis for the security check is the security declaration made by the person concerned.
The provision of personal data is done on a voluntary basis. Does the person concerned agree to his security clearance
to, he is also obliged to provide the data required in the security declaration.

In the case of SÜ 2 and SÜ 3, the spouses or life partners are included in the security check with their consent and the necessary data is collected separately.

The information in the security declaration is provided by the security officer / security agent
Checked for completeness and correctness by inspecting the personnel files of the person concerned or, in the case of applicants, on the basis of application documents. In addition, a request is made to the Federal Commissioner
for the records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic for
Affected and in the case of SÜ 2 and SÜ 3 also to the spouse or partner to be included.

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution carries out the following measures as part of its participation in security reviews:

1. For all security checks:

- Inquiries to the central public prosecutor's procedural register, the Federal Central Register
Registration authorities and police authorities & lpar; to the person concerned & rpar;

- Inquiries to the "intelligence information system & lpar; NADIS & rpar;" of the constitution protection authorities & lpar; about the person concerned and about the spouse or partner & rpar ;.

2. In the case of SÜ 2, the following are also carried out:
- Verification of the identity of the person concerned with the help of the passport or identity card number or by interviewing suitable persons with a photo

- Inquiries to the Border Guard Directorate and Federal Intelligence Services & lpar; on the person concerned & rpar ;.

- All measures mentioned under 1. for the spouse or partner to be included.

3. In the case of SÜ 3, the reference persons specified by the person concerned are also interviewed.

4. In addition, depending on the situation, the following measures can be carried out in individual cases.

- Measures of the next higher type of security check with the consent of the person concerned and the person who may be involved.

- conversation & lpar; e & rpar; with the person concerned about their personal security situation & lpar; as far as this appears necessary according to the result of the security check. & rpar;

- Interviewing other suitable bodies & lpar; e.g. Prosecutors or courts & rpar; or other suitable persons to provide information as to whether and, if so, which security-relevant knowledge about the person concerned is available & lpar; even without prior knowledge / consent of the person concerned & rpar;

Accordingly, it would have to stay that way, but information does not have to be provided at the employment agency. In my opinion this will not happen.

Whereby I will note again that you actually do not deserve a SÜ 2 because you are apparently unreliable.