2 ounces of spaghetti is how much

How much pasta per serving should you expect?

Especially when you invite a few acquaintances or friends to dinner, the question will surely come up at some point, how many noodle best to include for each of the invited people. Basically, it's not that difficult at all correct portion size because there are very helpful guidelines for each pasta portion.

A portion of noodle for the main course?


There are a few factors to consider beforehand if you want to prepare pasta for several people. The amount of pasta depends on different things, is the pasta prepared as a starter or main course? If it is a side dish for the main course, it should be about 150 grams of fresh pasta or 70 grams of dry noodle go out. If it is a noodle dish, you should calculate about 250 grams of cooked noodle per person. To get this amount of cooked noodles you need about 100 grams of dried noodles. Roughly speaking, you can say that the dried noodles double the weight after cooking.

Now that you can get an idea of ​​how much pasta is needed for starters and main dishes, further quantities are given for other pasta dishes, because pasta is particularly versatile.
For example, noodle soup is a regular feature of many on the table, for a soup you take an average of 20 grams of noodles per person.

In general, you can say that per person for one Main course about 150 grams of pasta is sufficient. The number of grams here refers to the cooked noodles, but you should make the amount a little dependent on the respective dish. Assuming that a complete meal composed of meat, fish and vegetables weighs approx. 480 grams and meat should weigh approx. 180 grams, fish approx 150 grams and vegetables up to 200 grams, it quickly becomes clear that this is the case Portion of the pasta will surely be sufficient.

The most popular type of noodle is certainly the spaghetti, to measure the correct amount there is either a spaghetti portioner (made of plastic with different holes, depending on the hole size, portions of 1 to 4 people are measured, the measurement result is inaccurate, but has proven itself ) or a wooden spoon with a hole, the hole in the wooden spoon offers space for a portion of spaghetti.

Pasta / noodle quantity per person

Noodle quantity calculation at a glance

  • Pasta side dish per person: 50 to 75 grams
  • Noodle main course per person: 75 to 100 grams
  • Noodle as a soup per person: 25 grams
  • Noodle party with various sauces per person: 200 to 250 grams
  • Pasta salad per person: 100 grams

How many grams of pasta per person?

preparationPasta per personCalories per person
Pasta per person as the main ingredient75g to 100g420kcal to 525kcal
Pasta per person as a side dish50g to 75g175kcal to 280kcal

The portion sizes for the food are of course only very rough guidelines and serve as a guide. It is a rough guide, as we do not know exactly how many other side dishes such as meat, tofu or the like will be cooked with it. How much you prepare in the end (keyword MealPrep) you have to decide individually.

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