What causes ashen skin color

We'll tell you the true 5 reasons for your pale complexion!

SOLUTION: Wash your face in the evening - no matter how little you feel like doing it every evening. Because if you don't, all of the pollutants that you are inevitably exposed to will damage your skin while you sleep. Since the dirt causes inflammation and disrupts the skin barrier, it is important to use a gentle cleanser that rebuilds the skin. Studies have also shown that cleaning with a brush is more effective in removing harmful nanoparticles. Unfortunately, make-up removal wipes are not enough to remove the pollutants. But if you are really too tired, that's better than nothing. In the morning, serums and lotions with antioxidants like vitamin C should be used to create a kind of protective filter for the skin so that the damage caused by the free radicals is minimized. A deep cleansing facial treatment really helps to remove all dirt particles from the pores.