Skyworth 24e65 specifications howard

Tune to a radio station

Automatic station selection

1. Press TUNER on the main unit repeatedly to select either “AM” or

Select "FM".

2. Press TUNING MODE so that the “AUTO” indicator is on the

The display lights up.

3. Press TUNING to start the automatic station search.

The search ends automatically when a station is found.

When a radio station is selected, the "TUNED" lights up

On the display. When the FM stereo broadcast

is set, the “FM STEREO” indicator lights up.

There is no sound when the “TUNED” indicator is off.

If the signal from an FM radio station is weak: The

Radio waves can vary depending on the building structure and the

Environmental conditions be weak. In this case, select the manually

Radio station of your choice by referring to the next chapter


For details on AM / FM playback