How to fix DirectV error 722

How to fix blurry letters error in Windows

Indeed, this is something that unfortunately, in one way or another, most of us have already experienced firsthand. But of course we can always run into more serious mistakes than others, as you also know. An unexpected failure of a controller or functionality does not make up the total number system Crash. With everything and with it, in most cases, those at Redmond are responsible for correcting them based on patches and updates.

Because of this, in the same lines we are going to focus on one of these problems which, without being considered serious, can be very annoying. As usual in these cases Windows 10, The software itself offers us several possible solutions to all of this that we can use, as we shall see. Well, in this particular case, we want to focus on those cases where we see blurry letters right off the bat. It can be our own fault eyesight but that is not the case that we are going to discuss here.

Next, let's focus on one bug that occurred in microsoft software, as you can imagine. Hence, we may have found this out of the blue at some point we see the letters blurred from Windows. It is true that we may at first think that it is our thing, especially after having spent many hours in front of the screen.


Graphics driver problems

However, if after a short pause and after restarting the computer we find that this continues to happen, then we are the real problem. At that moment we will find that Windows 10 itself is causing the error that we are commenting on. To give us an idea, we mean that suddenly there is a problem in the system and the letters are not entirely clear. As you can imagine, this really can be the case uncomfortable .

Hence, below we are going to review some possible solutions that we can take to solve this nasty problem.

One of the first culprits that comes to mind when needed is the graphics system we installed on the computer . At the hardware level, it is very strange that the graphics themselves have been corrupted, so it may be due to the drivers. Because of this, we can choose the best solution to make sure they are updated. We'll do that from the Device manager , which we access by right-clicking on the Start menu.

Once we are in the new window that appears we need to find the entry that corresponds to the computer's graphics card Display adapter . So we click on it with the secondary mouse button where we see the option to update the driver .

Computer screen failure

Although not directly related to it Windows So it wouldn't hurt to double-check that the problem wasn't originating with this peripheral. To do this, we can first make sure that it is connected properly, that is, that it is not loose. At the same time, we can also test it on another Windows computer to make sure that the error does not come from here.

Wrong resolution on the monitor

On the other hand, it is possible that the problem is that a screen resolution has been set that is not the native of our monitor. This could lead to incorrect legibility of the text throughout the text operating system . In fact, not only would it affect these elements, but that almost everything appeared on the screen, it wouldn't look good at all. However, this is an easy solution as we are about to show you.

Therefore, at this point, we first right-click anywhere on the desktop and select the Screen Settings option. This will take us to the Settings application where in the Screen section we need to find the section called Screen resolution .

You will then see a drop-down list of the various resolutions supported by this device. Therefore, we can best choose the one that is in brackets as recommended.

Use ClearType to fix the error with texts

Also, to fix the error we talk about in the same lines, we can use a Windows feature that is not too well known. In particular, we refer to the ClearType Call what we access by, for example, typing their name in the Start menu search box.

So we can start it, after which we find a selector in which we can activate the Windows text optimizer or ClearType. Then we click the Next button so that the function as such carries out the corresponding internal checks itself. This consists of five steps that we can confirm to improve the readability of the Text in Windows .

With all of this we really achieve that the system itself adjusts the text we see on the screen every day and focuses it correctly. It goes without saying that this simple process should correct that blur Problem we face.

Change of scaling and distribution in Windows

Depending on the screen and graphics that we have installed on the computer, Windows will automatically set a certain percentage of stairway . At certain times, this can lead to errors in the visualization with texts. So let's see how we can correct this. To do this, as we have already seen, we need to access the Windows Settings application, which we achieve through the Win + I combination.

Here we go to System, and in the screen area we see a section called Scale and Distribution , just above the resolution. This is a drop down list that recommends a specific scale that we should create in order to solve the problem.