How did Christianity begin in South Africa

Christianity gradually developed out of Judaism in the first century after the birth of Christ.
Jesus was a Jew. He told people a lot about his God. When the followers of Jesus began to venerate him as God's Son and to spread his teaching further, a new religion arose alongside Judaism, Christianity.

The Bible says that Jesus was very interested in God and his teaching as a young boy. When Jesus grew up, he asked John to baptize him. The Bible says that at the same time heaven opened and a voice announced, “This is my beloved son. I found pleasure in you ”.

After he was baptized, Jesus went to pray and fast in the desert for 40 days. Then he traveled around talking about God everywhere and healing many sick people. He was accompanied by twelve followers, his disciples, whom he appointed apostles. They helped Jesus spread Christianity among the people.

Again and again in his sermons Jesus reported that God loves the poor, sick and unsuccessful as well as the healthy and powerful. For his followers, he was soon the Messiah God had promised them.
But Jesus didn't just have friends. Other Jews thought he was an impostor and some Romans saw their power threatened. They cursed and persecuted him, arrested him, and eventually crucified him.

Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead after three days. The Bible says that he met many people again over the next 40 days. Only then did Jesus return to God. Christians are reminded of this by the feast of Christ's Ascension.

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