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Corona vaccination: how do you cancel a vaccination appointment?

Great, a vaccination appointment at the doctor around the corner! And even earlier than in the remote vaccination center! As a recipient of such unexpected good news, you should definitely think of those who are further back in the queue and clear your appointment at the vaccination center. But how?

Appointment from the vaccination center: cancel online or over the phone

The path leads via the personally created online registration to the scheduling displayed there, then you continue via the "Change dates" button. The vaccination appointments can be canceled on the page that then appears. This is only possible online up to 24 hours before the first vaccination.

Alternatively, the appointment can only be canceled by calling the local vaccination center responsible. For example, those who have registered for a vaccination by telephone can only cancel their appointment by calling the respective vaccination center.

Without an appointment: delete account

If you have already received a vaccination appointment from your doctor before the vaccination center has even given you one, you only need to log in to your online registration and click on "Delete data and account". However, all other people who may have been registered there will also be deleted and would have to be re-registered.

That is why it is now better, now that vaccinations can be carried out in doctors' offices, to register each person individually with the vaccination center online. If so, it can be deleted quickly and easily and helps to shorten waiting lists.