How to patent your design in India


Capgemini Invent combines strategy, technology, data science and creative design to solve the most complex business and technology challenges.

Disruption isn't new, but the rapid rate of change is. The fourth industrial revolution is forcing companies to rethink everything they know.

Leading organizations act like living beings, they constantly adapt to change. With innovation as the foundation, they are continuously redesigning their business in order to open up new value creation opportunities. Winning is about nurturing inventive thinking in order to create what follows next.

Invent. Build. Transform.

The multidisciplinary team at Capgemini Invent, the consulting, innovation and transformation unit of Capgemini, helps executives to identify new value creation potential. We accelerate the process of converting ideas into prototypes and scalable real solutions.

The result is a coordinated approach to transformation that enables companies to develop the products, services, customer experiences and business models of the future.

Our collaboration with World rugby, Orange bench and airbus shows how we support companies in inventing the future. For more information, see below under "Selected references„.