How does KFC overcome stress management

Stress management in the teaching profession

Stress management strategies have been shown to have a particularly lasting effect when they are integrated into everyday school life. You can also carry out some exercises - such as relaxation or loosening up games - together with your students, which at the same time represents a valuable advancement of the children's health literacy.

  • Pay attention to your rhythm, which you need in the morning; make sure you have enough time for the morning ritual, a relaxed shower, a (leisurely) breakfast
  • Joint relaxation exercises with the students (breathing exercise, mindfulness, etc.)
  • Targeted exercises for the students so that they a) come to rest or b) be activated - depending on what is required at the moment
  • joint discussions with the teacher colleagues (after class)
  • after school make sure you have enough rest and regeneration; Particularly active relaxation works like a fountain of energy
  • Pay attention to breaks when preparing and following up at home
  • Get support and help from fellow teachers when it makes sense
  • Pay attention to the inner impellers; question perfectionism & co
  • The calmer and more relaxed you can stay, the better you can organize the lessons and master difficult situations well
  • Make yourself aware of the successes in everyday school life