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Miami information

Here you can get a lot of information too Miami in Florida. This is one of the most popular cities with many sights and shopping opportunities for tourists. The metropolis is also known for cruises to the Caribbean.

How many inhabitants does Miami have

First you have to know that Miami is a very big city. In downtown Miami live around 460,000 inhabitants. Of course this is a lot. But over 5.6 million people live in the metropolitan area. Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are also included there. In principle you can say that everything is almost assembled. You can't say exactly where it starts and where it ends. Since many wealthy pensioners also live there, the number of residents increases sharply every year and they have a second home there. You should also know that there are many immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America living there.

Residents city center:

Inhabitants of the metropolitan area:
Over 5.6 million

Miami International Airport

The airport of Miami is the Miami International Airport where there are numerous direct flights from Germany with Lufthansa. You can fly there from Frankfurt am Main and, for example, Munich. There is also a connection with an Airbus A380. The airport is located 9 kilometers northwest of the city center and is easily accessible by motorway. There are also airport hotels nearby where you can stay overnight before flying back home. Our tip is then to use the free shuttle buses. At Miami Airport there is also a large American Airlines hub where flights to the Caribbean and Latin America are offered.

Address to the terminal:
2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142

Directions to the Rental Car Center:
3900 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33142

Distance from the city center:
9 kilometers

Location of the metropolis in Florida

Now you probably ask yourself the question where exactly Miami is in Florida. The city is located in the very south of the state on the east coast. Due to the location you have a warm climate all year round, which is of course very interesting for many tourists over the winter months. Other cities in Florida can be reached quickly from there by rental car, including on the west coast. Furthermore, the location is so good that cruises to the Caribbean are offered from there. Many well-known islands such as the Bahamas can also be reached very quickly by plane. So there are many reasons why you should vacation there.

Where exactly is Miami:
On the southeast coast of Florida

The best shopping malls and outlets

There are plenty of great shopping opportunities in Miami. You should definitely look at the Bayside Marketplace where there is an open air shopping mall. The Brickell City Center, where everything is very modern, is also highly recommended. A large shopping center, for example, is the Dolphin Mall. If you want to shop luxuriously then you should go to the Bal Harbor Shops drop by. The only thing the metropolis doesn't have to offer is a large outlet where you can shop cheaply. But this is only 54 kilometers away and is located in Sunrise. That would be the one Sawgrass Mills Mall where you can always get a bargain.

These are the largest shopping malls in the city:

Aventura Mall
Dolphin Mall
Bayside Marketplace
The Falls Shopping Center

Where are there mostly luxury brands:

Bal Harbor Shops
Miami Design District

Are there outlets in the area:

Sawgrass Mills (54 km)
Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace (62 kilometers)

Weather, climate, temperatures and the best travel time

Basically, you can say that Miami is a year-round travel destination. However, the most popular travel time is of course the winter months when it is still pleasantly warm with 25 degrees. This is ideal for a beach holiday. In summer it is a bit warmer, but you have to expect short rain showers. Furthermore, a tropical storm can always form there, which is called a hurricane. Incidentally, the travel time is always decisive, how much you have to pay for the trip. Hotel stays are significantly more expensive in winter than in summer and you should know that. There is also the high season when all the snowbirds come.

Best time to travel to Miami:
November to April

Rainy season:
May until October

dry season:
November to April

Florida hurricane season:
June 1st to November 30th

Sights & attractions

In the city there are of course a lot of sights that you certainly can't see in a week's vacation there. Don't miss a visit to the Miami Seaquarium. A highlight is certainly the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. For the children, the Miami Zoo and the Monkey Jungle are recommended. For those interested in art, the Wynwood Walls are definitely interesting to look at. Our tip is to take a city tour of Miami with the Hop On Hop Off bus. There you have the advantage that the well-known attractions are approached. You then have the opportunity to get on and off there, which is very practical.

These are the top 10 things to do in Miami:

1. Downtown Miami
2. Bayside Marketplace
3. Ocean Drive
4. Wynwood Walls
5. Miami Seaquarium
6. Art Deco Historic District
7. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
8. South Beach
9. American Airlines Arena
10. Lincoln Road

USA entry

To enter the USA you need a passport of at least one more Validity of six months must have. Furthermore, you must have completed the ESTA form at least 72 hours before departure. Upon entry, biometric data such as fingerprints and a photo are recorded. At Miami Airport are available to visitors Entry machines available where you can do this yourself. If you have not booked a direct flight then you always have to make the entry at the first airport in the USA where you landed. In our experience, it is always better if you don't change because you will be at your destination much faster.

Is a biometric passport necessary there:
Yes, this must be available

How long must the passport be valid?:
At least another 6 months

When must the ESTA form be completed at the latest:
No later than 72 hours before departure

Biometric data are recorded upon entry:
Yes, fingerprint and a photo

Districts that are worth seeing and not

The metropolis of Miami is divided into different districts. The downtown area with its many skyscrapers is of course interesting for tourists. Then you should have a look at Little Havana and Little Haiti, where you have the feeling of being in the Caribbean. A trip to Key Biscayne or Coconut Grove is also recommended. Then there is the Coral Gables neighborhood. But in the evening you shouldn't be traveling alone as a tourist in some parts of the city. During the day it is not a problem as other holidaymakers are also there. If you notice that there are no more tourists there, then you should go back to the hotel.

There are also dangerous districts there that should be avoided:
Yes, there is Liberty City, for example

Which one should you visit as a tourist?:

Little Havana
Little Haiti
Key Biscayne
Coconut Grove
Coral Gables

Hotels on the beach, city and airport

There is a suitable hotel in Miami for every taste from luxury to tourist hotel. Typically, most tourists stay in Miami Beach, downtown, or near the airport. A well-known hotel in Miami is of course the Biltmore Hotel. As a tourist you always have to know that there as a rule no supplies is there and you always have to pay extra for it. You should also know that the parking fees are very high. Usually you pay $ 20 per day for the car. There are hardly any hotels where you don't have to pay anything. So when booking the hotel you should always look at how high the fees are. We recommend not only looking at the price when making a selection. The location is very important.

City hotels:
Biltmore Hotel
JW Marriott Marquis Miami

Beach Hotels:
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Loews Miami Beach Hotel
The Villa Casa Casuarina
Colony Hotel

Airport hotels:
EB Hotel Miami

Cruise from the Port of Miami

Miami is also home to the largest cruise port in the world. From there cruises to the Caribbean are offered all year round. The major shipping companies Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines are based there. On some days there are up to seven ships in the Port of Miami and thousands of passengers are looking forward to the upcoming cruise. An insider tip if you just want to look at the ships is Watson Island on this island. But when you see the cruise ships, you quickly feel like going there too. Such a cruise usually lasts around 7 days. But there is also a short trip to the Bahamas with Norwegian Sky which is very popular.

Which cruise lines are represented there?:
Royal Caribbean
Carnival Cruise Lines
Norwegian Cruise Lines
MSC Cruises

Where are the ships going?:
Mostly to the Caribbean

Means of transport that you should use

The best means of transport in Miami for tourists is by rental car. However, there are numerous toll roads where you have to pay a toll. It is then worthwhile to buy the SunPass there. Incidentally, the Miami Metromover allows you to get around downtown for free. Then there are those Metrorail where you can also reach the outskirts. In our opinion, the trolley buses are also very useful for tourists. These are interesting if you don't have a car. There you can get on and off as often as you like. Of course, there is also the option of using a taxi.

What should you use as a tourist in the city:
Trolley buses

City crime

Of course, that is also very important security for the travel destination. Basically you can say that it is a safe city. But of course there are also districts where you shouldn't be out alone in the evening. That would be for example Liberty City and vacationers have no business there. We always recommend tourists to be particularly careful when you are in a strange city where you don't know your way around. Especially when it gets dark again, it is recommended that you stay around the hotel. It is usually very safe during the day and you can move anywhere. A tip is not to carry valuables around openly.

Which neighborhoods are safe for tourists:
Key Biscayne
Coconut Grove
Coral Gables

The following should be avoided at night:
Little Havana
Liberty City
Little Haiti

Miami Beach

The seaside resort of Miami is of course Miami Beach where you can spend a beach vacation. You will find numerous beautiful hotels there. The highlights there are the famous Ocean Drive and the Art Deco Historic District. Then you should visit the Lincoln Road shopping street. There is also the most famous beach on South Beach. By the way, both cities are connected by a bridge. We always recommend visiting the city for a few days and booking a hotel there. Then you just switch to a nice beach hotel like Loews Miami Beach and then you've seen both.

Miami Beach residents:

Our tips for a beach hotel:
Colony Hotel
The Villa Casa Casuarina
Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Excursions and tours

You certainly want to go on excursions and tours in Miami. First you should do a Miami city tour in the form of a Hop On Hop Off tour. Then you will certainly see a lot of the city in a very short time. It is always worth taking a day trip to the Everglades National Park. But also the Florida Keys can be reached very quickly and there are many other options. It is one of the many that is particularly interesting for tourists Trolley buses to use. The most famous sights are always visited there. It is also highly recommended Metromover to use where you can explore downtown.

Our tips:
Hop On Hop Off Tour with city tour
Island Queen Cruises
Everglades National Park
Miami to Key West excursion

to eat and drink

As a tourist you can choose from various good restaurants. You can also find many fast food restaurants. But there are also many expensive and exclusive restaurants where you can spend a lot more money. In Florida steaks, burgers and seafood are very popular. It is important to know that you should not forget to tip. This is always very unusual for holidaymakers from Germany. If you want to save money then it is the best option Happy hour to use. There you can get the same dishes at a reduced price. In the evening, for example, it always gets expensive very quickly on Lincoln Road. Then you pay for a completely normal one Pizza already once $ 20 per person:

How much should you tip?:
15 to 20 percent

You can also get a schnitzel with fries in Miami:
Yes, there are also German restaurants

Time difference and jet lag

Depending on the season, the time difference in Miami is minus five or minus six hours to Germany. To reduce jet lag, stay awake as long as possible on the day of arrival. Then the body will get used to the new environment more quickly. But it usually takes a few days until you are no longer so tired. As a rule, you don't notice that much on the outbound flight because you usually land there during the day. But on the return flight you will notice more because you are flying over several time zones and then sleeping on the plane is difficult. It usually takes two to three days and then you get used to the new time in Florida.

What is the time difference between Miami and Germany?:
Depending on the season, minus 5 to minus 6 hours

Do you get jet lagged there?:
Yes, this can happen

Where can you park your rental car there?

Parking is very expensive in Miami and you pay high parking fees there. So you should think twice about whether you need a rental car there for the duration of your vacation. Especially in Miami Beach you pay around $ 20 per day in the hotel only for parking. Furthermore, you should always be careful that you don't park in any tow away zone and then it can get very expensive. We always recommend parking only where it is allowed. Best if you have to pay a parking fee. Otherwise, the rental car may be towed away and many residents earn their living with it because they work together with the towing companies.

Parking fees in the hotel:
At least $ 20 a day

Are there cheap alternatives:
Unfortunately no, there is then the risk of being towed away

What language is spoken in Miami

Usually most of the tourists who vacation there think that English is spoken of course. Because the city is in the USA. But due to the large number of immigrants from Latin America, a lot of Spanish is also spoken there. It may well be that an employee in the hotel, for example housekeeping, only understands Spanish. So you should also have a basic knowledge of this language and that is an advantage. But the most widely spoken language in Miami is still English, and of course you should be able to speak it. It may well be that you meet a German-speaking employee in the hotel. But that is rather rare.

How do you have to communicate there?:
In English and Spanish

Currency and how best to pay

Since you are in the USA you have to be in the Currency US dollars pay. We always recommend whenever possible to pay everything in cash. There you have the advantage that no additional fees are charged. Paying with a credit card is particularly popular with Americans. You should note that fees are always charged for the transaction. You still pay in US dollars and at home you are billed in euros. So there are definitely additional costs that cannot be taken into account. If to exchange money then you can do this at a bank in Miami. It is also possible there Traveler checks to submit.

What is the currency in Miami:
U.S. dollar

How should you pay there:
Everything in cash (avoid credit cards because of additional costs)

Where is the Miami Cruise Terminal located

If you have a Cruise from Miami then you have to go to Dodge Island drive. To do this, you simply drive to the Port Boulevard and there are also security checks. That means you have to have booked a cruise to get into this area. This is exactly where the Miami Cruise Terminal of the various shipping companies such as NCL, Carnival, MSC and Royal Caribbean is located. But there are many different terminals such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J and a few more.So you should always inquire beforehand exactly where the ship is leaving. There are also large parking garages where you can park your rental car.

On which island is the cruise terminal located?:
Dodge Island, Miami, FL

Are there parking garages there:
Yes, you pay around $ 20 a day

Zika Virus in Miami

Unfortunately, the Zika virus is also spreading in Miami and tourists should be extra careful while traveling. Our recommendation is always to spray yourself well with a mosquito spray. You do that several times a day. The transfer takes place through Yellow fever mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti species which are also diurnal. Particular caution applies to pregnant women who have already had skull malformations at birth. At the moment there is no medication or vaccination available. Usually such a disease lasts between three to fourteen days and then you would have to have survived the virus and antibodies were formed.

Symptoms of the Zika virus:
skin rash
Joint pain
muscle pain
a headache
Inflammation of the conjunctiva

Is there a TSA PreCheck at Miami Airport

It is possible that you can use the TSA PreCheck at Miami Airport. As a rule, most passengers do not even know what it is when it is printed on the boarding pass. But you get there clearly faster through security checks and saves time. Usually you only get this if you have been on vacation in the USA several times. That's kind of Pre-inspection and one enjoys greater trust from the security authorities. Then you have to go to one other queue go where you may not have to take off your shoes and belt any more. Our tip is to always check immediately whether this information is printed on the boarding pass.

This is offered at Miami Airport:
Yes, that is also possible there

Do you have to pay something there?:
No, this service is free

Tips for emigrating to Miami

Anyone who has ever vacationed in Miami will quickly come up with the idea of ​​living there under the Florida sun. You have a good climate all year round and you want that too. But whoever wants to emigrate to Miami should take this step always think carefully. One should know that there are many rich people living there who no longer have to work. As a rule, these are rich Americans from the north of the USA who now want to enjoy their retirement. If you want to live and work there in order to earn a living then it looks very different again. One should know that the cost of living in Florida is very high.

Is it possible to emigrate to Miami?:
Yes, but you need a visa

How much money should you have available there per month:
About $ 5,000

How to get to the Bahamas

Since Miami is only 300 kilometers as the crow flies from the Bahamas, it is a good idea to take a look at this impressive island world. There are many different ways to get there. The fastest option is of course by plane and there are daily flights with the Bahamasair to Lynden Pindling International Airport. But cruising with Norwegian Sky is certainly more relaxing. Then you can still use the ferry that leaves from Fort Lauderdale. That would be ideal for a day trip. It is even better if you spend a few days there, for example in the spectacular Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel.

What can you use anything:
Cruise ship

Meals in the hotels in Miami with tips

Anyone who has never vacationed in the USA will find out very quickly that it is in the hotels there no supplies gives. Usually you only book the hotel room there without any other services. It may well be the case with some American breakfast is included. You can't expect a buffet there, you only get one coffee, tea and maybe one more bagel. There is nothing more in there. So you have to take care of breakfast yourself. Many hotels also offer this for their guests. But you pay easily there $ 20 per person for breakfast only. That is why most of them are always looking for alternatives that are naturally available there. Breakfast is always very cheap in the fast food restaurants.

Breakfast is included in the hotels in Miami:
No, you only book accommodation there

What does a breakfast cost there:
Minimum of $ 20 per person

are there alternatives:
Yes, just visit the fast food restaurants

It is worth shopping at the duty free at the airport

As with any other airport in the world, Miami International Airport also has a duty free area. Incidentally, this is called there Duty Free Americasand you can find a lot of good shops. As a rule, most of them always think that you are there Duty-free and cheap shopping can. But the prices are not as cheap as one would like to imagine. There are definitely bargains at Perfume, Cigarettes and spirits. When it comes to clothing, it is usually not worth buying. But the great thing is that you can stroll there a little before departure to pass the time. You also have the opportunity to buy a souvenir there if you haven't already done so.

opening hours:
Daily from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

What is worth buying there:
Perfume, cigarettes and spirits

How to get to the Rental Car Center

Most holidaymakers take over a rental car as soon as they arrive and you can get it at the Rental Car Center. However, this is not located directly on the area of ​​the airport, but you have to use a kind of elevated railway MIA movers calls to even get there. But it's very easy and you just have to follow the signs. The great thing is that the train goes back and forth every few minutes so that you don't have to wait long. However, it may well be possible at peak times that many people want to use them and one has to wait for the next train. It is important that you take over the rental car there and then return it again and not in the terminal at the airport.

How to get to the Rental Car Center:
With the MIA Mover elevated train (free of charge)

How often does it go back and forth:
Every few minutes

Rainy season and dry season

When planning your trip you should definitely note that there is a rainy season and a dry season in Miami. That means there are months when it rains significantly more than in the others. By the way, the nice thing about it is that the temperatures don't cool down and you can still sit on the balcony or terrace if it is covered, for example. The rainy months are always from May to October where it rains an average of at least 1 hour per day and that several times. The dry season from November to April is very pleasant, where you can enjoy almost sunshine from early in the morning to late in the evening. However, the overnight prices in the hotels are also significantly more expensive.

Then it rains all day:
No, every few hours

The sun always shines in Miami:
Very often during the dry season

City bike rental in Miami Beach

As a tourist you will quickly find that Miami Beach is very big and you can't explore everything on foot. That is why there is a particularly interesting option there for tourists that should be used. You can rent a city bike at certain stops for two hours, for example, and then simply drive to the next station where you can return it. Incidentally, this has been made very easy and is very popular with holidaymakers. You only pay 6.50 US dollars for an hour and you can go a long way there by bike. There are around 100 stops and the bikes are very well maintained, so it is a good idea to try this out.

What does 1 hour cost there:
About $ 6.50

How many stops are there:
Currently 100 and 1,000 bicycles

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