What did Ladislao Biro invent in 1933

Ladislao José Biro: Google Doodle honors Hungarian inventors

Did you know who Ladislao José Biro was? The Hungarian inventor is being honored today by Google with a doodle. Biro is considered to be the inventor of the ballpoint pen.

Ladislao José Biro: Ballpoint pen instead of fountain pen

Everyone has probably already held it a thousand times over - but very few know who invented it: the ballpoint pen. Google wants to change that today with a doodle and honors Ladislao José Biro, the inventor of the ballpoint pen.

The trained journalist got the idea for his invention while at work, when he observed how efficiently newspapers were printed and how quickly the ink dried. So Biro began to work on a replacement for the then conventional pen.

In 1931 Ladislao José Biro presented his first draft of the ballpoint pen. In 1938 the Hungarian patented his invention. In some countries the ballpoint pen is still called "Biro" today. Since then, Biro's birthday, September 29th, has been celebrated as Inventor's Day in his adopted country of Argentina. Today, Google honors the inventor with a corresponding doodle.

What actually is a Google Doodle?

You can find out what the various Google Doodles are all about in the following video.

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