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Wiener Eistraum this year with distance measuring devices

The 26th Vienna Ice Dream will be brought forward and will open on December 24th, 2020! After the cancellation of the Vienna Christmas Market, the City of Vienna decided without further ado to make a great Viennese dream come true, the ice dream.

The Viennese ice dream

At the same time as the Christmas market on Rathausplatz, the small Ice Dream opens with around 3,000 m2 Ice surface.

When: December 24, 2020 up to and including February 28, 2021

opening hours:
On December 24th, 2020 it is open until 6 p.m.
From December 25, 2020 up to and including January 6, 2021, daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
From January 8th, 2021 daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (subject to changes according to regulations)

It is closed on December 31, 2020
On January 7th it is only open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

How is the Vienna Ice Dream structured?

With a total area of ​​8,300 m², the Vienna Ice Dream is not only Europe's largest mobile ice rink, but also offers its visitors a very special ambience: It is not only children who enjoy exploring the ice landscape at Rathausplatz.

The magical paths are perfect for a romantic date on ice skates. Beginner Don't worry, because an ice rink is a place where everyone can take the liberty of landing on their buttocks.

Stand between the town hall and the ring four large ice surfaces, connected to the 400 meter long dream path, ready for happy winter fun.

The path leads in varied turns through the South park and about the decorated and illuminated trees around - special fun for the young ice skaters.

A special highlight is that Sky Rink. The ice skaters gracefully reach an ice terrace on the first floor via a 120 meter long ramp and enjoy the illuminated Viennese ice dream from a lofty height. With DJ sounds and light effects cruising over the ice terrace becomes a cool leisure event in the middle of the city.

Special rules in the 2020/21 season

Comprehensive protection and a carefree ice skating experience - in order to master these two challenges, a new security technology was invested for the Viennese ice dream: For the first time the so-called Community Distance Marker - CDM for short - of the Austrian company "D-Aria" is used.

The device is intended to support people in doing the prescribed Observe minimum distances and at the same time targeted contact tracing enable. Specifically, it is one electronic chip, which is handed out to the visitors of the Vienna Ice Dream and these through a optical signal, vibration and / or a beep warnsif the safety distance to other people is not reached. In addition, recorded data can be evaluated for contact tracing.

In order for this system to function properly, some changes to the procedures are required. In detail:

  • The entire area of ​​the Vienna Ice Dream can only be entered with a CDM.
  • Visitors first buy a ticket at the cash desk and deposit 10 euros for the CDM.
  • At the Registration desk the ticket is exchanged for a CDM.
  • Registration with personal data is required for each CDM.
  • When registering, e.g. Define families as a group so that the alarm function is muted within this group of people.
  • The personalized CDM enables access to the Eistraum premises via the turnstile.
  • If a visitor falls below the prescribed minimum distance of 2 meters to a person outside the household, the CDM begins to beep, light up and / or vibrate.
  • If a visitor has contact with someone outside the household for longer than 7.5 minutes and at a distance of less than 2 meters, this encounter will take place on the CDM recorded and stored for 28 days.
  • The CDM is only used to measure the distance, tracking is not possible.
  • The data are not evaluated for statistical or other purposes, but only for a possible one Contact tracing used by the authority
  • After visiting the Vienna Ice Dream, the CDM is returned to the registration desk outside the premises and the 10 euros stake refunded.

CAUTION: Wear a tight-fitting across the entire site Mouth and nose protection. The only exception is ice skating.

No online ticket service

Due to the official requirements (visitor restrictions), but also because of the necessary registration on site, the Wiener Eistraum is this season no webshop for online ticket purchases to disposal.

For this is with 4 checkout windows and several ticket machines for a speedy processing of the admission management.

Free ice skating for children and beginners

Due to the current restrictions, the free practice area for children and beginners could not be built this year, but the large ice surface offers enough space for first steps and turns. Children born in 2016 or later can even enjoy this pleasure for free. 

Tickets and prices

€ 2 deposit per ticket

Adult admission: € 8

Entry children: € 5,50

Senior citizens: € 6

Toddlers: free

Discounts are also available for families and groups. Season tickets are also offered. Discounted tickets when buying online!

Price list + buy tickets online

Tip - free entry is the motto for all Viennese kindergartens, schools and after-school care centers from Monday to Friday (school days) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. accompanied by a supervisor (child minders with ID).

Helmet and ice skate rental at the Wiener Eistraum

Around 2,000 pairs of ice skates in different sizes are available and are preheated with warm air all day! The rental requires a deposit of 50 euros to be deposited.

  • Children's shoes from size 23; there are also adjustable double runners / gliding shoes (size 21-25) free of charge, while stocks last
  • Men's shoes up to size 52
  • Women's shoes up to size 44

Prices ice skate rental

Adults: € 7.50 / couple
Children: € 4.50 / couple
Sharpening ice skates: € 8 (double blades up to size 25 free of charge)
Last minute from 9.30 p.m.: € 4

Helmet rental

Safety first! The Vienna Ice Dream is for children free helmets available (while stocks last). You can get this at the skate rental after paying a deposit (deposit for ticket € 2, -).

Cloakroom and depot

Viennese Eistraum visitors can hand in street shoes and bags or rucksacks at the cloakroom: Box: € 3

Ice stock sport on the town hall square

There will be no curling rink in the 2020/21 season!

Culinary delights at the Wiener Eistraum

Due to the Corona safety and hygiene measures, there will be no alpine and culinary huts in the 2020/21 season!

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Contact Wiener Eistraum

Tel.-No .: 01/40 900 40
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Vienna Ice Dream: When the Rathausplatz becomes an ice landscape | 2021

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