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Instructions on how to install and play OMG 3Q on your phone

When it comes to the general card game genre, it is impossible to ignore OMG 3Q. This is a very interesting game that is loved by many young people today because it faithfully recreates the fierce battles of China during the Three Kingdoms period.

Even if we take part in this game, we will have the opportunity to own the extremely famous generals in the Three Kingdoms period. In order to play this game smoothly, below you will be asked to follow the instructions of the article on how to install and play OMG 3Q on your phone.

1. Instructions on how to install OMG 3Q on your phone

Below are instructions on how to install the OMG 3Q game on Android. You can follow the same steps for iOS. Or you can click the download button below.

Download OMG 3Q on Android Download OMG 3Q on iOS

Step 1: First the symbol is touched the Google Play app store (App Store for iOS) on the main phone screen.

Step 2: Enter the keyword OMG 3Q a and click the button Search .

Step 3: click You on the button To install to download the game to your computer.

Step 4: After successful installation, press the button on the phone to open to play the OMG 3Q game.


2. Beginners Guide to Playing OMG 3Q

Step 1: After installing and opening the game, first press OK to allow the game to access the phone's memory.

Step 2: Wait a moment for the system to extract the game data.

Step 3: At this point, the notification of the game events will appear on the screen. To turn off, press the OK- Button.

Step 4: Contact us with your account Zalo , Facebook , Zing Me at the game account or click the button Play Now.

Step 5: click on Select server .

Step 6 : Click on the Name of the server to which You want to go. There are many servers with impressive names like: Ba Vuong, Lineage, Liu Bei, Tam Dac, Chi Khi, Reputation, ....

Step 7: Click the button game .

Step 8: After entering the game, you will see a fight in this game. click on Skip to turn it off.

Step 9: Choose your style and name your main character. Then press the Go key to OMG World .

Step 10: If the character is successfully created, we'll enter a match. At this point, his generals will automatically fight the enemy.

Step 11: If you win, click anywhere on the screen for the reward.

Step 12: Create the main interface of the game and click on the Pub Area in the left corner of the screen.

Step 13: click on General list to recruit generals for your team.

Step 14: Then click the button once to buy .

Step 15: Touch a specific position on the screen to recruit that champion.

Step 16: Exit the main game screen and click on the Squad section .

Step 17: click on the square with the plus sign on the right side of the screen.

Step 18: Touch the humanoid symbol .

Step 19: click on the Battle Button next to the champion that I just recruited.

Step 20: Go ahead, click the item on the main interface of the screen Duplicate .

Step 21: Touch a champion you want to challenge.

Step 22: At this point the battle begins, all of your generals fight automatically and win.

Above is a beginner's guide to installing and playing OMG 3Q. We hope that after following this article, you can easily play and participate in exciting in-game activities. the.

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