How to change jandhyam

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Aura modding
04/15/2010 - Metin2 Private Server - 9 replies
Hi, Does anyone have any idea how to use aura mode (change color) + (size). So I'm a beginner;) So what the file is called and what I have to do to change color (I can size) .. mfg
[Skill Modding] Aura Bug ....
03/28/2010 - Metin2 Private Server - 8 replies
Some don't know it: a black line, a black PIXELED line. Something like that only occurs when you do something wrong, right? Well here's my prob: If there is a thread just post the link. Thx comes immediately if it helps me (i swear) How do you get rid of this bug? My eyes are tired of seeing that. MSE files, aura suggestions and such are welcome. If there are other solutions, post. btw: Usually there are only 3-4 ...
[Modding] Aura (question about it)
03/21/2010 - Metin2 Private Server - 17 replies
So, I'll turn to a question too. I've already modded a lot of things nicely, looking at the skills. Now I have two problems that need to be fixed. First off, I want Aura to be a different color while it's on, instead of green / blue. In the first milliseconds to 1 second it works, but then it is displayed in the standard colors again. Which files do I still need to edit and get the desired result? I would also like to ...
Does anyone know how to change gun color?
01/04/2010 - S4 League - 18 replies
hey evpers .. So now I have everything one could wish for: p But one thing is still missing xD, namely as the video from GLaDO shows YouTube - S4 League GLaDS is hacking - New Weapon Barrage Fist): handsdown: And I just wanted to ask motte1989 or others if you can tell me

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