Who is the Minister of Health Kenya

Group practice pioneer to manage pandemic

Vienna. The physician and medical association official Wolfgang Mückstein becomes the new health minister. Vice Chancellor and Green Leader Werner Kogler introduced Mückstein as his successor just two hours after the resignation of Health Minister Rudolf Anschober. Mückstein is sworn in on Monday, questions were not allowed. Kogler thanked the outgoing minister for his work against the pandemic and for his contribution to restarting the Greens after the 2017 election defeat.

General practitioner Mückstein is one of the directors of the primary care center in Vienna's sixth district. At the Vienna Medical Association, the man in his forties acts as a consultant for group practices and new forms of organization.

In his first statement - questions were not allowed - Mückstein emphasized that he was aware of the challenge: "If you have no concerns about becoming minister of health in the middle of the pandemic and thus the top crisis manager, then you lack respect for the task." The new minister considers the current lockdown in the eastern region to be an unpopular, but necessary decision to save human lives: "I will make unpopular decisions if necessary. Because I see myself obliged to do so as health minister and doctor."

"Thank you, dear Rudi"

Kogler honored the new Minister of Health and Social Affairs with plenty of advance praise. The pandemic will remain an exceptional situation for some time to come, politicians, health facilities and employees are "fully challenged," said the Vice Chancellor: "That is precisely why we now need someone who can manage this health crisis with expertise and strength. Next to me is someone who can . "

Kogler thanked the outgoing Minister Anschober for having worked for health protection in Austria without a break. "It's a Herculean task." In addition, Anschober was also able to admit mistakes. "When so much is planed, then chips fall," emphasized Kogler, who also praised Anschober's contribution to the restart of the Greens after 2017: "Thank you, dear Rudi."

Group practice pioneer to manage pandemic

The resignation of Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) was not entirely unexpected, but hardly anyone would have thought of the name of his successor a few days ago. Wolfgang Mückstein is not completely unknown in the media as one of the directors of the first Viennese primary care center, but politically he has hardly been noticed so far. Mückstein is only well known in the medical association.

The general practitioner for the Greens has been there for more than a decade as a speaker for group practices and new forms of organization. This is not surprising, given that Mückstein in the sixth district of Vienna virtually heads the original model of a primary care center and, in this role, was also a popular interlocutor for the media. He added a TCM bachelor's degree to his medical degree, so he is familiar with Chinese medicine.

With that alone, Mückstein will hardly be able to fight the virus brought in from China. Big tasks await the new minister, as the country is in the middle of the third corona wave and politics is now a long way from unity. Anchober complained about this, at least indirectly, when he left office.

If Mückstein is not a natural talent, he will still need some nerve in wrestling with countries and coalition partners. After all, the starting position is not that bad. With vaccination progress, it could be that the new minister will soon be past the peak of the pandemic. That he now manages the vaccination rate is not uninteresting. Because in January he complained in interviews that he was ready in his practice, just not having a vaccine.

Lockdowns to protect human life

But everyday life in the department is not easy either. In view of the fragmented responsibilities, health ministers are traditionally regarded as "lame ducks". The position of doctors and social security should be well known to Mückstein, at least not alien to that of the countries. It doesn't have to be a disadvantage to get out of the system. For Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens), the 47-year-old as a "man of practice" is the ideal candidate to cope with the task: "He lends a hand."

Mückstein has been known to the coalition partner since the government negotiations, where he was involved in discussions in the health and social sectors. The predecessor, Anschober, also obtained his advice for a test strategy in the private practice area. The married father of two daughters "thought carefully" about taking office, but quickly said yes. There was little else he could do, because Kogler only asked yesterday.

Mückstein struck a first stake at the inaugural press conference: In order to protect human lives, there must also be lockdowns.